Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I have been missing in action the last few weeks and I have a reason. I had been talking it over with JP on how I was going to tell it. He has been a better blogger than me, but whatever.

I decided to make some visits around the country. My first stop was to see a buddy of mine in Colorado. The mountains there are so beautiful. I stayed with him and his girlfriend and just had a good 3 days of partying and hanging out.

From there I went and met the roomies in Las Vegas. We spent 5 days in Sin City and had a blast. The third night there we went out to dinner and decided to hit up a club. We get there, it was kind of lame, I wasn't feeling it at all. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink from the hot bartender.

I decided to roll out and head to a "gay bar" down the street. I told my buddies I would be back in a few. Playing craps or some shit like that. They were talking to some soroity girls.

I get to the bar and I am very nervous. I walk in and I feel like everyone is starring at me. I ordered a drink, sat at the bar and just watched out over the crowd. I liked people watching there. I had a bunch of older dudes hit on me and I said I wasn't interested. Then I had this guy come up and order a drink and sent one my way. It was very Hollywood. The bartender came over and gave me another Captain and Coke and pointed to a guy across from me saying he bought it for me. I went over to say thank you.

He was younger looking. Turns out he was 21 years old and going to be a senior at a school in California. He was out with a couple of his fraternity brothers visiting and snuck away. I realized that we had a lot in common. He was in a frat and played Lax for his school. I told him how I played baseball in college and now lived near him in California working. Did not tell him about playing minor ball or anything. We kept talking and more and more I am into him. He was taller than me, about 6'4", had light brownish hair that almost had a auburn tint to it. Blue eyes which I cream over and a hot bod. I'll call him Joe.

We ended up leaving the club together and he called to see where his buddies were. He said he was going to take a nap and meet them at 1am at some bar. It bought us some time to go and hook up. We got to his hotel and got to his room. It was a suite so we went to one of the bedrooms, closed and locked the door and went at it. We hooked up for a good 45 minutes till we wee both spent.

We exchanged phone numbers, since he lived close by and went back out and met our friends. The rest of the trip we would text message eachother like we were little 13 year old girls. I left while he still had 2 more days in Vegas and we still text messaged eachother and called.

He was hot and I can imagine you can see where this is going. Joe got back to Cali and called me as soon as he was back at his house near school. I made the half hour drive to go see him and ended up staying the night at his house because he had it to himself. His 2 roommates were home visiting parents and stuff. I have been spending a LOT of time hanging with him. He is staying in Cali for Christmas break and I want to see more of him. For the first time, I can see myself dating a guy. Joe is a regular, jock kinda guy. He has a messy room, loves watching football and hockey. The sex is also great. ;-)

I wanted to let you guys know there has been a reason for not posting a lot. I am making the effort to do more posts. The e-mails are great. I love hearing from you guys and hearing that I am helping some of you cope with liking guys is awesome. Keep the pictures coming and e-mail me. I will try to post more in the future. here are some more awesome shots you guys have left me in my inbox. keep them coming.


Therax said...

WOW congrats. Hope things continue to work out with Joe for you. Love your blog.

dan said...

damn that is so awesome! I'm hoping I could hit it off with the dallas guy like that. he's too damn far though. anyhow, man that is very cool he snuck away the exact same as you and what a stud to buy a drink and send it over, dude had some balls. sweet, anyway keep up the posts, just whenever. later.

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome man! Good for you! Hope all goes well. This is a sweet blog!

FlipFlopsBoy said...

Good for you! Sounds fun! Hope it continues to go well!

richardwatts said...

Great to see you posting again, and even better to hear that you've started seeing someone.

double lifer - living the straight gay life everyday said...

hey man, love your blog. we share a lot of similiar experiences and its nice to see other dudes going thru the same shit as me. i gave you a nod in my first post, feel free to check it out, let me know what ya think.


Nick said...

I should be checking out more bars.

Anonymous said...

What??? you're prioritizing your love life over posting to the blog? Geeze!

Just kidding :-). Congrats, and good luck with things :-)

-an intermittent reader

Vegasdealer said...

Great Post! Vegas isn't the best place for Gay Bars, there way too smokey lol, but were getting better. Some clubs have been redone.

Keep up the good job. Maybe I'll see you on my twenty one game, see a lot of great looking guys.

Still looking in Vegas. And as we say here,
"Good Luck To You"

Anonymous said...

where the fuck have you been?
closeted usc footballer jock here hard for your next post....
if intertested in having an LA hookup let me know..