Monday, November 27, 2006

Back for some more

I haven't been posting at all. For those who read, you know that when I don't post it means I am way to fucking busy and will make it around to it. I have been busting my ass lately. I have been getting e-mails and have not been responding to them. So let me catch you guys up with what I have been doing..

I was back home in the Northeast with family for Thanksgiving. It was a fun time. Saw my buddy JP at the Bears game a few weeks ago. Flew back west for a few days and came home for a suprise Thanksgiving treat for my folks. Well, my dad bought the ticket for me to come home and didn't tell my mother.

JP and I have been talking every few days which is cool. I guess he is writing the story of how we met and how we became better friends for his blog so I will let him tell it and link to it when it is done.

I saw a bunch of people from high school while I was home. As usual, girls will always ask... "do you know (insert famous player here) I respond with a No.

Nothing has really happened to talk about though. I have been scared to talk to guys lately. Call me paranoid. I don't know. Online has been a great refuge for me. Thanks to all of you guys who read. Without you guys, this would be nothing and I would have given up way back when. I love getting the e-mails from guys saying how much they love the blog.

One guy today, the first time I have been online in MONTHS, says to me "I haven't hooked up with a guy yet. After reading your blog I want to hook up with a guy so bad.. you'd get ot be the first i'm not even sure i'd ever do anyone yet..."

First, this guy is HOT. Second, I was thinking that it came off a little stalkerish, but after chatting he told me that he has accepted likeing guys more and feels like he knows me because he is such a loyal reader.

Sorry I have been MIA. I will be back with regluar posts for the next few weeks. I have been gaining some size working out alot...

Keep sending me e-mail and I will be responding to those I have not got back to in a while. Off to the mall to x-mas shop and buy myself an XBox360 (maybe)


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back. love your Blog. I'm not an athlete, but a fan. Thanks for your honesty online. I wish I'd had such an outlet when I was first getting comfortable with being gay.
Roman in SC

Anonymous said...

Hey. I found out about your blog just by clicking through other blogs.

I think i might be in the same boat as you, although i'm not an athlete, nor do i get any action whatsoever.


But just thought i'd let you know that i think it's cool you use this blog as an outlet.

Kinda inspiring. I hope you don't mind, i'm gonna link to your blog from my page (if i ever figure out how).

Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog. It makes me feel that there are people like me in life. Your experiences are very similar to my experiences. I am 23 yo and nobody knows or even suspects i like men, so that is why i like your blog so much. I was living and studying in NYC and went to some of the places you went too. I went a lot to Off The Wagon and hang out in pretty common and popular places. Maybe we saw each other. Too bad I'm not in NY right now. It would have been great to meet someone similar to me... athletic, masculine and cool. Write me

dan said...

hey bud, good luck with the hot guy, I want an email like that from someone in okc. that is sweet. hope you blog soon. later.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog. It's great reading and thoughtfully written. I think it's hot that you're hooking up with a lacrosse player! OMG. Very hot.