Thursday, October 05, 2006


The playoffs are here (for the majors) and I am happy to have the Yankees in the ALDS and David Wright in the NLDS. I could care less for the "Amazin's" but David Wright is just an instant boner for me.

Not many guys give me an instant boner. There are those guys that I have encountered in my years playing that did. One guy is nammed Kevin. It's his real name. We played college ball together and is just a hottie. He had this ass that looked amazing in a jock strap. Kevin was one of those guys who was just crazy. He always had a dip in his mouth when playing. Outside of playing, he would never dip. It was very strange.

He was also a big man whore. Our first week of school, he met this girl who lived in a dorm on the complete other side of campus. He was determined to bang her that night. So he calls her cell phone, asks her to come over to our dorm to party and she, of course does. Kevin is a stud. About 6'2" blonde hair, blue eyes and the abs of a god. He spent a good ammount of time in the gym and would work his ass off to keep his stomach looking good. To get the ladies to notice him he would always rub his stomach and make sure to expose his abs and "sex lines" to get the girls eyes to wander down to his crotch. From there he was always golden.

That night, the girl brought over a bunch of her friends from her dorm. She was a definitly a hot girl. Kevin did his signature move that "worked all the time at the cape" and she was his the entire night.

A bunch of us went off to a frat party that night to see what else campus had to offer. I came back to Kevin's room, wasted, and walked in. In my drunken state I didn't see anyone in either of the lofted beds. I moved more into the center of the room and looked down on the futon to see Kevin railing this girl Doggie style on the futon. We locked eyes for about 2 seconds. He didn't say a word, just kep't banging the girl from behind with a big smile.

That next day, while in the cafeteria he asked me if I walked in on him last night while he was fucking the girl. I said yeah, sorry about that bro.

He said the strangest thing, "All I could think about the rest of the night was the look on your face when you saw me fucking that chick."

My heart stopped. I thought I was called out right there. He smiled and said, we should have double teamed her.

I laughed, and from there, Kevin has been one of my best friends in the world. And a guy that gives me an instant boner. He has an average sized cock when he is soft and hard it's a god 7 inches long and has good girth. How do I know...

I took him up on a double team one night. He IMed me one night saying this chick wanted to get double teamed. I went over across the hall, and we did our deed. He liked fucking the girl while I got head. I was mostly watching his dick the entire time. If anyone has had a threesome with a friend you know i t can be strange sometimes afterwords. I woke up that morning, in bed, with kevin on the other side. The chick had left at some point during the night. I decided to put my boxers back on, go acorss the hall to my bedroom and fall asleep.

Kevin called and we talked last night about the threesome we had in college, about his life in Hoboken and how he wants to marry his girlfriend. I guess I wanted to post the story because I am sexually frustrated and it's pretty cool that he called me for advice and to catch up.

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David said...

oddly enough that was a pretty hot story.. but thats cool that you guys still talk