Tuesday, September 19, 2006

David Wright!!!

The sight of David Wright with a cigar in his mouth just made me VERY happy today. I was up last night when the Mets clinched and saw it at the bar I was at last night. When I saw the cigar picture, I rushed to my computer when I got home to see if I could get any of those pictures.

I am a Yankees fan, but, I am a David Wright fan. He is just a great all around ball player. Do you guys have a favorite player or a hot one? Email Me. ClubhouseCloset@gmail.com


scott said...

Love your site. I'm gonna link unless you tell me not to.

Keep it coming.

Cooper said...

David Wright is a great player, and hot too! Too bad he hasn't been hitting so well lately...

Maxqlynn said...

Hi! I love your blog. It makes me feel that there are people like me in life. Your experiences are very similar to my experiences. I am 23 yo and nobody knows or even suspects i like men, so that is why i like your blog so much. I was living and studying in NYC and went to some of the places you went too. I went a lot to Off The Wagon and hang out in pretty common and popular places. Maybe we saw each other. Too bad I'm not in NY right now. It would have been great to meet someone similar to me... athletic, masculine and cool. Write me maxqlynn@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

what a homo

Anonymous said...

I too think David is the best 3rd baseman in the world. I would love to play wright behind him and help with his balls!

Vinnie Boom Bats Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

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