Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Matt Dallas pt. 3

I have got the most amount of comments on this whole Matt Dallas thing going on. I am NOT saying that he is gay. I was just saying that he is good looking and that this guy Perez is "outing" him.
As a closeted guy myself, I would not want someone to out me to the media or my teammates. I think it's bullshit that someones sexuality should have to define them or make them something different. I just happen to be a guy who plays baseball and likes to have relationships with other men.
Matt Dallas is a GREAT looking guy. With fame, there is that spotlight where your life goes under the microscope. It's bullshit but it lets people who have no lives live vicariously through talented actors and athletes who are making a living and trying to live life.
If Matt Dallas is gay and doesn't want to say so, he has that right. If he wants to come out, he has that right also. The gay guessing game isa fun game to play sometimes. I have played it with a bunch of teammates from college and into the minors.
Perez does have the right to talk about how he "thinks" Matt Dallas is gay. It's all protected speech. But not everyone has to agree with it. I know looking back on this post it's kinda flip flop but it's such a strange issue. We as Americans love to hear about other people, especialy if it has to do with Gay Rumors.
So, Basicly, Matt, if you are interested in men... Hit me up. I am on the left coast bro.
HaHa.... I am so tired.


Anonymous said...

The problem isn't so much your opinion as the fact that you help spread the rumors that the idiot Perez wants to spread. Perez is a total jack ass and when you assist him by reporting his crap on your blog, well, it's no better than being him, which I think we can all agree NO ONE wants to be.

Put yourself in Dallas's shoes. Would you want any sites spreading rumors about you? Would you want other sites helping to spread the rumors that one site made about you? As an closeted man, I would think not...

Joey said...

That anonymous guy needs to take a chill pill. He worries too much, WAIT... I just had a thought, HE could be Matt Dallas himself?! :o

Meh, I don't see what the big deal is, if you don't like perez hilton, don't read his blogs. It's as simple as that. Anyways, maybe it's just me... but I don't even find Matt Dallas attractive. He has weird facial features.

Eric said...

As a guy mostly in the closet (especially when it comes to my athletic career), my biggest fear is being outted. I wrote about being on the fence with what Perez did with Lance a while back on my blog and I got a lot of flack on that also. The only reason why I am so against this stuff is because it's too real and way to close to home.

But if I weren't in a sport trying to make it as an athlete, I wouldn't really have the empathy for the situation that I do. I think that this is only something that somebody in a similar situation can fully comprehend. Because the fears of being outted and the effects that its going to have on your life and career only become real when you are close to your goals. Or have actually achieved them.