Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Can't Sleep

Have you ever just not been able to fall asleep? I have been trying for about an hour to fall asleep and just keep posting to the blog. I have tried to put my laptop down and just go to sleep but I keep going back to my e-mail and reading and just thinking.

I am working on describing all of my roommates to you guys and giving them nicknames so I can tell all the funny stories that have happened. They are funny to me, and I hope they will be funny and fun for you guys too.

Also, I have been spending time with a trainer after practice to make sure that I am "healed" so when I get back to the locker room there aren't many guys left. Once I start getting some quality eye candy time I will give you guys and update.

For now enjoy some more hot pictures of college guys. If you guys want to send your own picture, please feel free to send them!!!!


WhiteflameNZ said...

Ironic you should talk about not being able to sleep, thats exactly what im doing right now. I have tried for an hour and so decided to read some blogs for a bit. Sigh, im going to be so tired tomorrow.

dan said...

hey slugger, as soon as I get a digital camera, something tells me you'll be the first to know.. he he. later.

JR said...

where r u getting all these harv guys pics? i grad in 05, and know all these guys. theyre all 06. nice guys, just wonderin if they sold them to a site...proly did. hahaha..