Thursday, October 05, 2006

California... so far

I have been busy as HELL! I have barely been able to keep up with e-mails and posting on here and I am sorry. I have been crazy everyday with basically baseball.

I had my first road trip in a long time and it was very cool to be back on the road. I have 3 regular roommates that I share a room with while we travel on the road in a hotel. The guys are basically hotties you would love if you are into baseball players

The "Jeter" - He is a little older than me. He has been around, plays shortshop, and has banged a girl from Yale. He is definitly the captain of our team, half puerto rican and half italian. The guy is a regular ricco suave and tries to bag as many girls on roadtrips as possible. He is a lot of talk and has a girlfriend back home, but gets his girl when he puts his mind to it. He is not a big shower taker. He usually walks into the room, uses a shower in the corner and walks out. he trims his pubes and definitly shaves his balls. I have not seen him hard, yet, but I can imagine he is a solid over 7.

The "Metro" - The Metro is a total pretty boy. He is 22 years old and a big metrosexual. He is from Oregon (or Wahsington State.... one of those Northern states) He has these blue eyes that when he stares at you, you are definitly in a trance. Metro shaves all the hair on his body. His chest is pretty hairless and smooth. I found out that he shaved everything the first time I showered in the house in Cali. He is one of my roommates at the house and I noticed that his legs were smooth like a girl. I called him out on it and he was proud to show off his hairless legs, arms armpits and then his nuts. He is a big teabagger. He has tea bagged almost everyone on the team besides the managers and "Jeter". He should be pretty proud of his balls, they are the kind that are low hangers and you can tell that they are just oozing to be let loose (lol... I wrote that, and debated on keeping it in, and I am) He struts around the locker room, proud of his package and is a part of the Shower Crew. After long games, there are a few of us that engage in "crew Talk" which is all about the guys, what girls we have banged, and how drunk we are going to get after the game. If the shower heads have the right temp and pressure, we call a meeting of the crew. if not, its shower time, do your thing and back to the clubhouse to change.

The "Italian Stallion" - This is the Italian guy on the team and most of you know my fondness for Italian guys. His parents are straight off the boat from Sicilly. Cut to the chase, the guy is hung. When he is soft he is about 6 inches (judging from the eye). He is a member of "The Crew" and has an agreement that if the team hits 30 homeruns, he will masterbate wherever we want him to and he will then get about $500 that is in the pot.

I will go on more about the roomies and everyone later but i got to take off for most of the day. I have been working on some e-mails back to you guys and promise to send them out by late afternoon/tonight. Keep writing in!


Anonymous said...

Hey man, it was great to see your new posts. I'm sure you've been busy as hell, but there are a lot of us wondering how things have been going with you since the move to the West coast. We appreciate your updates whenever you have the chance to post!

dan said...

hey slugger, good posts, heck yeah loved hearing about the tag teaming. had the chance once in school but wimped out, dang.
anyway, what's this about "shower crew"? got hard jsut reading that...later man, keep it up.

David said...

your team sounds hot... lets hear about the rest of them!