Wednesday, August 23, 2006


In my last post I talked about a guest poster here for football season. I talked about how I may need one for a little bit because I will be "away" for a little bit. Some of you that I chat with on AIM and Yahoo know that I am moving but I never wrote anything on my blog about it.

Yeah, I am moving. I am heading from the NY Metro Area to Southern California. I have been training hardcore for this move, which is why I have not been around. I started this blog in 2005 and barely had time to update it until I did have a LOT of free time. I then became addicted to posting. Since then, I have been training with a trainer and doing a lot of work in a batting cage and on the field thanks to my pops and some old high school buddies.

I will be updating the blog while I am in California. Where in Cali am I moving... Southern Cali (SoCal). I guess you guys on the Left Coast should start getting ready for my arrival. I will be gone in September from the East (Right) Coast.

I have been living with my parents and it will be good to get out of their hair and into an apartment with guys that also play baseball out there. It is going to be crazy like college again. I will also have a chance to have some new experiences and new stories to share on the blog. When my buddy does accept the role of posting some entries, for a short period of time, go easy on him. He doesn't blog and wants to keep all of you interested. Don't leave the blog, it's not dead, I am not replacing what I am doing here, I just know that I will be VERY busy when I get out there and know that I can't keep up with the demands that this blog has brought.

I am ver excited at this chance and never thought this blog would GROW the way it has. I have been in contact with some AWESOME guys who are just like me and I know that I have at least been able to shed some light into being a gay athlete in America. Moving to California and continuing my career in Baseball will bring new stories for me to write about and will let me meet new people.

You will all be able to meet my buddy (I won't use his name yet because he hasn't said yes, I am begging here... LoL) who has had pretty much the same experiences growing up but only from a football and "frat boy" perspective.

I am not shutting down the blog... don't panic. I am simply starting a new chapter in my life. A chapter that will lead to new stories, experience and friends.

Thanks to all of you here on the East coast who read and contact me everyday. You guys help me through a lot and let me vent about everything and anything that I need to get off my chest. I thank everyone else around the world for the same stuff.

Okay, I am rambling here now. I am off to the gym and then should be back to make another post.


chris said...

good luck!

Brown Dawg said...

Good luck with the move. The left coast is the best coast. Well at least northern cali is the best coast! The blog is great, looking forward to your quest blogger.

slugger said...

what do you guys think about a guest blogger?

richardwatts said...

Good luck with the move mate - and yeah, I reckon the guest blogger idea is a great one.