Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Football Season is here

Football season is almost here and I can't wait for it. Any American Football players out there that want to send in stories and experiences should e-mail me! I may be having a guest blogger blog about college and high school football. He is a friend of mine. He may step in for a little while in-between posts. I have asked him and he has not accepted the offer.

He played high school football, is a good friend of mine, and lets me stay at his apartment every now and then in Manhattan. He is a little older than me, 25, and works in Television. He is awesome, and yes, I am sucking up to him on the blog because I would really like him to share what he went through in high school. We went to sports camp together when we were little and ended up getting to know eachother. During college, we somehow got back in touch with eachother and we have been talking ever since. Please leave support, either way, for a guest blogger.

EMAIL your thoughts to me and/or leave a comment on what you think should happen?

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dan said...

"we have been tallking ever since".... just talking huh.. .nah!

he he. busy here too, good to see all the great posts though. later man.