Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thank You

Wow. I never thought I could have this much support from guys here. 22 comments and thank you to each of you who left one.

I also got some e-mails from you guys. I really like that you guys left a note wishing me all the best.

I think Randy had the best comment.

Sorry it didnt work out. Sounded like you had best of both worlds for awhile. Take care. You need a slump buster fuck alright.


Haha... a slump buster. I really do need a slump buster fuck.

In college I had a few of those. Mostly with over weight girls just looking to fuck. Those can be pretty funny when you recount the story the next morning in the locker room.

For the most part I have been playing, working out and using my frustration and anger in the weight room and working on my game. It's paying off and I am playing a lot better. Guys are asking me why I am so angry. Tell them that some dumb cunt from home fucked me over. Doesn't know what she is missing.

Randy- shoot me an email. Clubhousecloset at g mail

(I don't want spam)

Here is a link: very not safe for work of a hot guys dressing in a locker room. Should help get your day started. I haven't been sleeping much so I'm up and awake.


Anonymous said...

I don't comment much, but I have sent you an email. Love is hard, but many have made it thru alive, you will too!:D

Also, just because you broke up with someone that doesn't mean you can't or won't get back together. Keep your heart as open as your mind, and you'll do fine - BlazinBear

Anonymous said...

I also don't comment, but that doesn't mean I"m not wishing you the best. As a former player and military guy, I know how tough it is to carry on a relationship with someone that could, if discovered, profoundly damage your dreams (thanks to ignorance). Keep playing and doing your best. That's all ANYONE can ask of anyone else. Thank you for sharing.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

We ar all routing for you guy!

jorge d. said...

hey, sorry to post this months after the fact. i only found your blog today and have been poring over the entries.
i think its dickish to post a link to 'hot guys dressing in a locker room'. no, i did not click on it, but i suspect its a hidden cam thing.
you mentioned a fear of being ridiculed in public if you did 'come out', yet you pull shit like this where a guy is exploited?