Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Slump Buster

I have been trying to get over the ex for a few weeks. It's hilarious that a commenter said that I needed a Slump Buster fuck.

When a guy posted that in the comments I laughed my ass off and then jumped into protective mode. Did he know who I am?

The obvious answer is no. But whoever you are Randy, you are obviously a baller.

In college, as I had said in an earlier post, a slump buster was brought into effect when a guy on the team was just playing like garbage. There were a number of girls who would hang at the "baseball house" that just wanted to fuck.

This story is not about that bitch but about my slump buster fuck that happened in the not so distant past.

I was sitting at my apartment. Distraught, sipping on a Miller Light just thinking of the ex and how he could go out a fuck another dude. Many guys here have said to put myself in his shoes and look at myself. With that I knew I needed to get out of this funk.

I decided to log into AIM and see what if anyone was online that I knew in the area. No one. I decided to check out Adam 4 Adam and Craigslist. I have always felt so dirty posting an ad on Criagslist back before I was a taken man.

The site is easy enough to find a guy to just fuck, no strings attached.

I wrote the text to my ad to make sure I had all the right keywords that guys look for. "Masc Straight Bi Top" Preppy Frat Boy. Ect...

I posted my ad and waited nervously. I got some great responses back from people but one caught my eye. He wasn't waht I would normally look for in a guy.

He was skinny but toned. Blonde hair and blue eyes and about 5'10" according to his email.

We chatted on AIM for a half hour talking about what we were looking to get into and he told me that he was new to the city and looking for guys to get to know. To me it sounded like he was looking for friends and a boyfriend. I made it clear that I was looking for a one time thing.

We agreed to meet up for a beer and take it from there.

When he walked in he was better than I expected. He had filled out from his pics he had sent me. We talked about life. I avoided talking about my "job" in finance. Luckily he had just graduated law school and was looking for work in the city closest to me. He is smart and a pretty cool guy. He then bluntly asked when we were going back to his place.

I drove back to his place. A 1 bedroom apartment that was very nicely decorated. He had pictures of him and his friends from college and law school partying on the walls. I really didn't get to look around much because he made the move first. He kissed me.

That led to an intense 20 minute make out session where our clothes kept getting thrown off followed by intense kissing.

I got him down to his boxers and he was hard as a rock and already leaking precum.

From there I pretty much got caught up in the moment. There was foreplay but then he wanted me to just fuck him.

For a cool guy that I would never pick out as gay in a straight bar, he took my cock like a champ.

This went on for about 2 hours or so. Off and on. Stopping to get some water make out and just relax before going for round 2. After round 2 he asked me to stay the night.

I told him that I did not want to stay the night. I hope he didn't take offense to that. It's hard looking for a one night thing with a guy. It's easy for me to pick and choose what kind of guy I want to bang. It's another trying not to be emotional about it and wanting more.

He has text me a few times in the last few days looking to fool around. I may do it again. I know what I am getting myself into and am setting myself up for something that I don't know I want to deal with.

I don't want a boyfriend. I just wanna have a good time.

As far as him being a slump buster, after we fucked I had one of the best games this year. The slump buster works. Especially when he is a hot blonde looking to fuck.

Double treat for you guys who scrolled all the way down. Some hot pix sent in from my readers just like you. Feel free to send some to me.


Mark said...

Congrats, bro! Sounds like you had a hot time and got exactly what you needed out of it. Bet you started feeling better about yourself when u put it in him and he got all worked up.

Also just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading your blog. As a closeted bi dude, I always like hearing your opinion on things. Best of luck in your upcoming games.

John B said...

Sounds like the slump buster worked man. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of the hot blonde guy. Have fun but be careful with online hookups.

DC Guy said...

Hott. CL has worked in my favor lately as well. It's good to be clear right off the bat about not looking for more than sex. Glad to see that you're doing better.

Jay said...

Great story, and cool pics. But i love the last one... he's HOT!


Anonymous said...

The pics are from a site called Guys With iPhones. But nice to look at anyway. Glad you were able to get the funk out of y system. Here's rooting for you!

james said...

Sending you a virtual High-Five.

Good to hear from you regularly. Stay well, physically, emotionally, etc. Have a great season!

james said...

hey, i just saw this sportswriter's blog today, where he basically called on baseball players to come out, and i wonder if you have any thoughts on it -- do you think it's possible and do you think it could happen any time soon?


Anonymous said...

Atta baby slugger! Thats what I'm talking
about. Glad you enjoyed my suggestion.
I didn't get drafted yesterday but some teammates
did. They are all hot!

I enjoyed your hook up! Way to bust a nut.
Your teammares get to, so should you.

Go rake tonight kid.


daniel207 said...

how do you feel about bryce harper slugger? hes looking good on and off the field. looks like hes gonna grow up to be a hot piece of thing too

SXJ said...

Hot story mate. Am a bit envious of you both.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Nice story...I hope it helpe you out.

Anonymous said...

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vglathlmascman said...

hey man i really admire you
hope one day you really find someone special
NCAA-I college coach here kinda in the same position as you man
crave not just sex but the physical and emotional company of other masc men
hard to do in our line of work

Anthony Hazzard said...

Who is that last model??? Anybody know? HOT!!

Anthony Hazzard said...

Anyone who that last model is??? I'm dying to know! HOT!!