Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I get a lot of shit for a mental slip.

I'm pretty tired right now and people are really fast to jump on me because I made a mistake with the pseudonym I gave my boyfriend.

I did mean Ryan and not Joe. You guys really pay attention to detail here.

Gabrielle Angel I really want to know how you KNOW who I am... or so you say.

Steevo - I am not 45. I am in the closet and I am a baseball player.

Anonymous' - Thanks for catching the mistake.

Yah know... I haven't posted on here regularly because with everything I was going through and wanted to say... I posted on here. I now have a boyfriend that I bitch a lot too.

It's strange that something I never thought I would have has come out of nowhere and become something so awesome and intricate to my life.

To all the haters out there: Go Fuck yourself :-)

To my supporters: Thanks!


Anonymous said...
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notsoinnocent8 said...

It leaves me wondering why you are still reading a blog that you only consider "okay".

He is a professional athlete in the closet... we have no idea what he deals with on a daily basis to keep up with his game and his life. It is perfectly understandable that he disappears from time to time, whether it be during the season, while he just might be on vacation, or because people like you have nothing better to do than question his integrity.

And so he has posted twice in one week during spring training... I am sure they have down time, just like anyone else. And my guess would be that Ryan is not physically there to keep him busy when he isn't busy with his team and/or teammates.

I too would stop posting if I got this kind of crap all the time from people who won't even leave a name attached to their insulting comments!

Alex said...

I just wanted to say that I recently started reading your blog and have found it very interesting. It would be a lie to say I am not curious who you are and what team you play for, I will say that it is your business and your life.

I have been out since I was 18 and know nothing else in my life. It is my hope that sometime in your life you will be able to live as an out gay man and know how nice it is to not have to hide from your life. Yet, I do understand that to pursue your career and your dream, staying in the closet is your only real option.

I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck and best wishes. (I am not really concerned whether you are a fraud or not, unlike others). Also, good luck with the upcoming season.

John B said...

Keep it up Slugger! I've been reading your blog for years and love it. I love to read about your exploits and fantasize about how hot you and your boyfriend must be. Don't let the haters get you down.

I just started a blog, hopefully I won't get doused with hater-ade.

X66 said...

One of your supporters! Enjoy reading your blog when ever you get the chance to post.

Anonymous said...
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Emma said...
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Emma said...
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dan said...

dude, I think it's so awesome you guys found each other etc, I can only imagine what the physical time is like with someone you also really love...hang in there, I know you're both keeping it DL. it's all good. blog whenever, always good to hear the updates.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jasper said...
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Steevo said...

Dear GA,

I do not hate you. I admire you. I musta been in a pissy mood... happens!

I love the game a lot... I love the idea that you can do this and have a bf too.

It is not fair that u cant be out, but there it is...

enjoy yer season
i hope u impress us all even if we dont know u...

in HS dan [hisband] was a QB recruited to a big name school. Lotta promise. BUt he had an injury first season that ended that.

His fantasy was to win the Heisman [sp?] and come out in his acceptance speech and say he still wants an NFL career if any team is ready to move into the 21st century. Not unlike Jackie Robinson breaking the old color barrier. What fun that wold have been, huh?

How about the Cy Young? LOL

Boys can dream. I have friends who have friends on major league teams. They never tell me who. I dont want to know. They manage somehow. I am glad you do too.

Whether u r 14 in Podunk or Peoria or 24 at Spring Training hoping to make the rotation... u come out when and if u want. Always your decision.

sexy said...


underneath said...

One hot blog! For sure.

WranglerMan said...

Come out, when you are ready. I know how tough it is to be gay in a field where there is still a great deal of homophobia. You want to prove that you as an individual can play as well, or better, than any member of your team and the opposing one. Then, it won't matter that you happen to be gay.

Keep your focus. You're lucky, too, that you have a boyfriend, who is supportive.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Holy shit Pal, why do you even bother to respond to such crap. There are thousands of invisible people out here and a fair share of them are going to be mentally challenged. Plus, since all are invisble, they could be 126 years old and trolls as well. Focus upon your friends and the good people. You must now know there is poison fruit on the blogspot tree. I think you're great. I will tell you this, I am really Gabriele the Dark Angel from Park Slope living with White Angels and one Black Angel - but I let him roam free for a while -
Travis (another kind of angelO

1111 said...

dude im 23 in ireland just founf ur blog today. great work. n haters, back off. get ur own blog haters. anyways, im not out non scne very str8acting, i know n i identify with u


Anonymous said...

You're awesome, man. End of story. Stay healthy, have fun and enjoy your life as much as possible and screw all the jealous hater-types out there who wish they were you. Come out when and if you want to when you are ready and not before. You're playing the game you love and are lucky enough to have found someone to sare that joy with. That is all anyone can ask (and if you're ever on the west coast, let me know and I will buy you a beer...won't even ask your name). :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! just finished reading your blog and really it is just awesome probably some of the best reading that I have found in a long time )I am 14) I am confused cause you said that people could ask you questions and then they did and you never answered em... Do we have to e-mail you or something?
Cool about you having a boif that you have to keep secret in order to be play baseball that is something that I have always worried about when I grow up. I mean should I work in a regular job and be happy with a guy and not have to worry or be a mediocre bball player and have to live in hiding in the best years of my life all for the sake of... Well it must be hard pretending for all that time and having to live in fear constantly I guess it makes you stronger mentally to have to endure the daily and moment by moment fear that you could be found out. Yet living in America where now Gays can actually marry and you still have to live in fear is such a weird and odd thing like ying and yang I guess. this though makes me fear of growing up now I mean if you cannot live your life as a "normal" person and have to pretend you are something that you really are not and then knowing that someday all these folks are gonna find out eventually and they will think that you are nothing but scared and were really fake about who you truly are. Most take a great deal of thought, time, energy and all for the sake of swinging a bat.

Anonymous said...

Who will still be reading when the next blog update is posted in December 2012?

Anonymous said...

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Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Sometimes we have a hard time getting our heads around the minutia of details our readers recall/note. Unbelievable. Welcome to the blogosphere.

Steevo said...

I'm sure you have seen the story about the former Hockey player who is now out and a college [Miami OH] student manager for the team. His dad is a biggie in NHL too. He wants a NHL career in management. Off to law school next.

What he did was courageous and our GSA [high school] that I am advisor for discussed him last meeting under gay "news".

I know several Jr/Sr athletes at my school who are gay but not out yet. I trust them and told them about your blog. One got back to me and was so thrilled to hear your story. And your blog sent him to some other similar blogs.

All I can say is I KNOW you had a big positive impact on him. So thanks. Whatever role you have in baseball now I hope you do well and when you have a chance maybe you can contribute to the slow process of countering all the h-phobia BS out there. Maybe there will be opportunities for a word here or a look there to indicate a more tolerant attitude than we mostly see now in pro sports.

thanks for what u do now too