Friday, March 06, 2009

Back to Spring

Welcome to Spring Training. Last Spring Training was a whirlwind for me. I was around a whole new bunch of guys. I had just fell hard for Joe and my game picked up and I got noticed by a lot of clubs.

That last part is important for me. Other clubs had noticed how well I had been playing and inquired about me. This caused my current club to freak out a little bit and lock me up into a deal that I liked. I'm developing and I like that.

Baseball is still a passion of mine. Joe is also still a passion of mine.

Yes... I am still dating Joe. It's crazy to me that we can still be so in tune with each other.

I am a pretty lucky guy. I was talking with a guy who has been down in the dumps recently. He's a really good looking guy.

He was getting pissed off at guys he meets and how they don't seem to want to date him. Now, I am possibly the worst person to talk to about relationships. I am a baseball player who has a boyfriend in the closet. I feel bad for this guy because I am pretty lucky.

I have this boyfriend who is just an amazing guy. He supports and loves me.

Sorry I can't be much help with the dating world, what I can answer are a bunch of questions that you guys may have. ASK SLUGGER. Hit me up fellas.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Steevo said...

...unless maybe you forgot to use the fake name Ryan for Joe.

I hope you are not a fake. If you are, I wonder why and what is really going on with you.

Are you 45, in the closet, in denial, feel guilty, confused, etc? And this little virtual world helps you barely hang on? Wife and kids maybe? Secrets piling up and getting close to a breaking point?

If so, get some help.

I don't judge or condemn you. But you can see why readers might wonder.

Get in touch if you need and want to.


Anonymous said...

I know you are not a fake - I have my ways!

Volker said...

Good to hear from you again! Be true to yourself and those close to you, that is all that matters.

Steevo said...

good g. angel...

my comment was too hash...sorry gay athlete...

nychound said...
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notsoinnocent8 said...

This is the first time that I've read the comments to any of Sluggers' posts, and if this is any indication of the crap he deals with, I think I am glad.

For those of you who think his blog is full of crap... WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! Leave! I am sure you will NOT be missed!

I, too, am wondering if saying Joe instead of Ryan was a slip of the tongue (or fingers, as it were) but I am not going to attack him over it.


Slugger, good to have you back, hope to see you here when you can!

Steevo said...


If my comment on a comment was offensive to you, I am really sorry. I tried to nuance it so a reader would read IF slugger is a fake.

I looked for an email in a profile to say it privately but none exists. I used to work a lot of PFLAG support groups, so that was where I was coming from. Now I am the GSA adviser.



borg_queen said...

If you do backtracking, you'd know that right after the break up with Joe, Ryan immediately entered the picture. He may (or may not) have probably meant Joe in the first mention and meant Ryan in the second one but typed Joe instead.

And he's real. He is friends with JP.

andym said...

He and JP at Overnight in New York are friends and reference each other in their blogs. So either both are fake or neither are. I am going with neither because this reads like an honest account. If he wanted to be fake then I am sure we would read a lot more graphic and fantatiscal accounts.

Just post more often - am living vicariously through you and starting the process of coming out myself.

JUSTIN said...

JP is no fake...we shared a bed and he puked in my toilet. Oh, memories...

JUSTIN said...

I...for one, am glad you're back!

BC said...
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