Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ask Slugger: Underwear and Jocks

So... I have been getting a LOT of questions from you guys about what kind of underwear I wear on and off the field. I have talked about it on the blog but not in much detail so here we go.

Growing up I would always wear a jock with cup because I really didn't want my balls to be busted while playing any sport. Football and Baseball. Once I got up to the HS level and was playing American Legion started to wear compression shorts that had a cup built into it.

Since then I have gone away from wearing a jock strap and have worn these shorts for everything. They are comfortable, help protect my junk as well as my thighs and ass when I slide into 2nd base.

Off the field it varies. Depending on the day I will wear an assortment of undies.

Mostly I wear boxer briefs. Nothing designer, but Champion brand that have a soft waist band and form fit. They are so comfortable. Now that it's summer, when I go out I have been wearing these briefs under my jeans. It is so comfortable to wear while going out.

I hope some people in the past have not been upset when I get short with questions about underwear and what other guys on my team wear. I have had some guys ask repeatedly for me to SEND them pairs of my used underwear. Please don't do that... LOL

I hope this answers some questions about what I wear. Any others?


Ray said...

Hell yeah! Boxer briefs rule. Haha

Lucky said...

I'm a HUGE fan of a dude in his jockstrap and sneakers :) That pic of the ball player at the top of the entry...DAMN. :) Thanks for sharing! You ever wear a jock under your jeans when you go out, just for fun?

haliaeetusguys said...

I can certainly see wearing a jock on the field but the undies you're wearing off it look great! lol - Volker

dan said...

sweet post man, I'm a boxers guy, but if someone that matters is going to see me, I'll wear the boxer briefs ahh yeah!

secret blogger said...

hey dude - i always wear boxer briefs and nothing comes between me and my calvins. cks rule - dont even like armani so much - just cks.

JUSTIN said...

A friend of mine made fun of me for buying boxer briefs at Target, but they are seriously awesome! Much more comfortable than any fancy shit, and those that have seen me without my pants on always compliment me. Nothing comes between me and my no-name black BB's!

Nite in Shining Armour said...

I think you are right about boxer briefs. They provide the right amount of comfort and support. If you ever venture out to a Gay bar, you may think about wearing some designer briefs. To get the bois really Randy, make sure that the are one size smaller than you usually wear.

Jay said...

Mmm, hot pic. But trunks are my fave :)


aljad said...

Myself ya I prefer Boxer Briefs all the way, just more comfortable in them

mens wild underwear said...

I'm a fan of boxer breifs.
They are the best.


sedition said...

Compression/sliding shorts are great for keeping your leg from getting ripped up when sliding, but they SUCK for keeping the cup in "place." I swear those things are designed by women or something. With compression shorts/built-in cup, the cup just seems to float around way more than it does with a standard jock/cup. Total pain in the ass. I tried those kind of compression shorts for like two weeks during on season, and then went back to wearing traditional jock/cup under sliding shorts. BTW, I assume you play IF since you said you wear a cup? I know very few people who play OF who wear one.

Anonymous said...

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