Thursday, June 26, 2008

I love Crazy Christians

Anonymous said...

you guys are sick...Justin is not gay so why lust after is sick that IJ would even send these to you...Justin is a strong Christian with very high morals...we are very close friends and I can't believe you pervs are this sick!

So, if you scroll down a few posts you will see that I received pictures of Justin Gaston from International Jock. I posted his stats, which was in the e-mail... and thats about it. One of his personal friends wrote, anonymously, that I am a perv for posting his pictures here on the blog.

I never said that he was gay... it was more of an admiration of his talents... not only does he have a slammin body, he has enough talent to make it on to Nashville Star and compete for a prize. If you are going to live in the public eye and be on a reality show, you have to know tat pictures you took before you were on television will end up on the internet the next day.

Look at James from Big Brother and his gay porn past. I am not saying that Justin has done gay porn, was only using James as an example.

To this anonymous friend: You obviously googled "Justin Gaston gay" in order to find my blog, I am the third link there. Is there something that you may have been thinking in the back of your head? I never even wrote "I hope he is gay" or something like that in my post, just shared the beauty of his body.

I found some more pictures of him... so here you go, enjoy more of this beauty.


borg_queen said...

The third picture is very manly, indeed. LOL

Man, I wish the NWO would depopulate the American South. Too much brainless idiots living there.

Kelly said...

damn hot...

Ray said...

"Why lust after him if he isn't gay?" What a stupid thing to say. Even if he was gay would any of us even have a chance with him? Not likely. Doesn't mean we can't appreciate his looks since he's in the public eye.

Sorry for the rant. He is quite cute though. :)

secret blogger said...

hehe dude - i see you are getting those crazy readers.

and i totally agree with you on the whole having something on the back of his head thing.

Anonymous said...

We Can't look!! I guess gay guys need to have their eyes removed. I wouldn't give anyone like him the satisfaction of posting his remarks.

steevo said...

Nicely handled, dude!

I disagree that you should not confront some of the stupid bigots. Maybe if they hear it enough times from real gay people then when their son comes home with a hunk of a BF for Thanksgiving of his frosh college year, they might have some point of reference and at least maybe remember the point of view you have shared.

Anonymous said...

Hey, borg_queen, I live in the South, it is not all bad. In fact there are "brainless idiots" anywhere in the country.

Slugger, am pleasantly surprised to see Big Brother referred to by you!

Anonymous said...

Well he is beautiful, that does not mean I am lusting after him, but then I dont lust after my favorite Monet either.

As for high morals, he is posing in a wet speedo and covered in soap with his legs open, hardly the pope is he!!

Lets not worry about the bigots who think they speak for god.

Anonymous said...

A rampant Christian once posted a comment on my blog saying that she had printed it out and had taken it to her Church in America to 'expose me' as the heathen I am........ She disappeared off the face of the earth.....

Nite in Shining Armour said...

Nice come back post! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

So what happened to the Ask Slugger" bit? I asked both in the e-mail and in the comments section and neither has been answered.... Enquiring minds would like to know

Anonymous said...

happy 4th shane.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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