Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fresno State!!!

Congrats to Fresno State for winning the college world series!!

My buddies and I really got into it once Fresno State went on its run... We "adopted" them as our team to root for when the games were on and while watching last night we were going crazy!

Not to mention they have some pretty hot guys playing for them! Well, you can look at any team and just see the "All American" look to them.

So congrats to Fresno State! You guys were fucking awesome!


Steve said...

I was rooting for Fresno State for less noble reasons. lol I'm an Auburn alum and couldn't stand the thought of the SEC fanbase that cares about the sport less than any other team in the conference besides Kentucky snagging another title in it.

Anonymous said...

That 2b for Fresno, hottie. Wetzel was his name I think. He's my favorite. A lot of lookers on that team though.

athenshole said...

So sad for our University of Georgia Bulldogs but congrats go out to Fresno! They played an awesome series!

I am a UGA alum and work at UGA!