Monday, June 16, 2008

Ask Slugger

Please send more of your questions to Ask Slugger. I will try to do my best an answer them on the blog.


dickophile said...

slugger, how big is your dick? (is this an acceptable question?)

naturline said...

That beautiful photos… enchant to me… I must spend more times this way.

dan said...

hey, hope all is well on the road. I definitley have chicago on my list to visit someday in the US.

Anonymous said...

Hey Slugger,

Eyes on the College Championships, eh?

Say, bromancer, what's your favorite position when cumming?

Anonymous said...

Bottomed for Ryan yet? How did you like it?

Anonymous said...

thanks for this.
Top or Bottom?
Cut or uncut?
best asset on your body?
Hairy or Smooth?
Wildest place you ever had sex?
First time with a guy how old?
What do you do with your cum when you jerk off?
Do you shave your balls?
Do the guys on your bball team shave their balls?
How homoerotic is the bball showers?
Do you know of other bball players who are gay and closeted?
Thats all for now
Thanks for this!!!!

Anonymous said...

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