Thursday, October 25, 2007

Off to a Wedding

So I am off to a wedding! One of my really good buddies from college is getting married down around DC this weekend and I am taking off from now till Monday... I'm real excited about it. I haven't seen him in a VERY long time. He is working in DC, doing something with the government, I don't know... but he has an amazing house in Virginia and a really cute new bride.

I have to fess up about something though. I am bringing a girl with me to this wedding. I have been getting some e-mails from guys saying, "If you aren't dating a girl, and are as good looking as you probably are, some people are going to start asking questions."

Well, this girl, Kerry, has been a very good friend of mine since college. While I was in college, she and I were an on and off again couple. A gasp and hush falls over the crowd. Kerry has, for the most part been my "beard" in social settings. She is single, very good looking girl who I clicked with my freshman year, even though I knew I liked guys, but I needed someone to keep my image up as the "straight all american baseball jock"

A reason I have not shared anything about her on here is because there is some stuff that I keep guarded from you guys. A few months ago I thought I was found out, but it turned out ok. I am sure there are many more questions you guys want to ask, now that I have come clean about my "beard" that I have, even though she is not a girlfriend per say.

Kerry and I are NOT dating and are not exclusive. When I need dates to stuff like this she usually is the one I ask. We have not talked about relationship, even though I have heard from her friends that she really wants to "make something work". I decided that this was the time to tell you guys about this. I'm still debating on taking my laptop with me on the trip. If not I will see you silly fuckers next week.

E-mail me questions and stuff. Even hot pix. No one sends me hot pictures anymore to post. I'll take anything.. you... that hot guy from Facebook you stalk... hit me up with some hot pix to post on the blog... and some for me to enjoy when I get back from this wedding.


Spamouflage said...

first time reader here. Nice pictures. Love it

footballplaya said...

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do! Have a blast with Kerry at the wedding. No need to explain to us, cause it makes perfect sense. (Will work on getting you some pics to post, too.) Thanks again for keeping the blog alive!

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Hey need to explain to us. Like the previous poster said, you have to do what you have to do. I do have to give a bit of advice. I was in a similar situation...once while I was in the military and again when I got out (long story), but if you care about this girl's feelings and you know that she wants to "take things a bit further", I would suggest 'coming out' to her sooner than later. When I told my girlfriends that I was gay, there were crushed at first, but then hurt because I did not come out to them sooner. Take it for what its worth. Have a great time in DC!

sedition said...

Red Sox Nation prevails! And you never answered my question about people's (and yours) kooky "routines/superstitions!" Fess Up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guy,

I had a "beard" for the longest time. She and I did everything together. She wanted something more and of course I didn't. Eventually she was the first person that I told I was gay. It took a little while for it to sink in but it did and she understands. Nothing has changed between us, other then the fact that she is now married with 3 kids. She is still my "date" when needed, even thought I am 100% out and open about who I am. (there are still instances where briging a girl is better) :-)

Troystopher said...

I always take my friend Jill to events that usually expect a date. It not that I don’t want to take a guy; I just have fun with her when we pretend to be a couple. It also helps that she is wicked hot and I like making straight guys jealous.

sexy said...