Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Spring training is over. I am now with my team in our home training facility getting ready to play some ball with the best of the best that aren’t playing in the majors. I’m back at my place right now and left spring training with a treat.

Joe came to visit from California. My cell phone rang as I walked to the clubhouse (locker room) and I saw Joe’s number. He made some small talk and asked me if I was still playing today. I had got word that I was going to be playing “most of a game” on that day. Wanting to impress people I mentally got myself ready for the game and getting a call from Joe really helped my confidence.

My first at bat I walked. Nothing was really hit my way so far I haven’t done anything to make myself look like an ass. My second at bat comes up and I single up through the gap and get on first. The crowd cheers and claps and I run to first. After the music for the next batter subsides I hear “Way to go Slugger”. I turn and see Joe standing with 3 drunken girls by the first base wall. Joe smiles and I smile back.

The first basemen only says, “those are some nice tits.” I laugh and agree but was really thinking about Joe. He had grown his hair out since I had last seen him and it was looking very good. I ended up connecting on my next at bat and as always caught all the balls that came my way and did not screw up.

After the game was over, Joe and his new friends were waiting for me. He had flown in from California to check out the game and was going to stay for the next 2 nights. He met the girls, who were on spring break, while getting a beer and wanted them to cheer me on. I showered up and headed to a bar close by to meet them for some food. The girls kept hitting on both of us. He said that we were old friends from high school and that he wanted to see his buddy play some ball. He was so fucking cute acting all straight, kind of hitting on these girls. I told the girls that I had a girlfriend who I really liked and that she was close by. They lost interest but still loved grabbing my chest and biceps all they could. Joe got one of their cell phone numbers and they left the bar.

Joe drove his rental car to his hotel, I followed in mine and we got into his room and he turned around before we could shut the door and started making out with me. We didn’t talk until about 45 minutes later when we were both spent laying on the bed after and amazing marathon of sex.

He couldn’t wait to see me in Arizona in a few weeks, saw some time to skip out to see me so he threw it on his credit card. Luckily I had the days off from doing much and could spend as much time with him as possible. We spent most of our time in his hotel room, talking and just holding each other.

He is the first guy that I can honestly say “I Love You” to. He flew randomly to surprise me because he missed me. I don’t know how we fell for each other this hard but we did. We met in a Las Vegas bar and had an amazing night of sex, kept in touch and now we are both crazy for each other. I’m happy that we have been able to stay in touch and kind of together as the months have gone on but know that it will be a while before we can have a normal “relationship”

I have been talking to JP a little bit and he seems to be cheering up as well. After Joe showed up and I headed to the clubhouse I called him to tell him he was here. I freaked out a little bit, but he told me to calm down and have fun. I did and was very happy for that.

Anyway, glad I could get that off my chest for you guys. I changed my profile picture to David Wright so a shirtless chest picture wouldn’t show up on a friends list if someone were to click on your friends list.


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Sounds too hot for comfort...did you win the Basball game or did I miss that part trying to get to the sex part of the story...lol

Mike said...

Cool story, sounds like you guys have met each other at the right time. Have fun and take care of yourself.

Closeted said...

That’s awesome that Joe flew out to surprise you, sounds like you guys had a great time together. Hope you have a great season.

BernardNYC said...

hey bro

just found your blog -- very cool

huge yankees fan here and am totally psyched that you're out there and blogging about your experiences so we can all share them

way to go buddy -- i will definitely be looking out for your posts, and also looking forward to going back and catching up on what you've been up to since you started this blog

just catching the end of the mets-cardinals series, and the mets are giving the world champs a whoopin' -10-0 in the 9th, incl a 5 run 7th i believe, complete w/julio franco gettting an rbi and a run at his first at bat in his 30th season...his 30th!

Anonymous said...

you know...the more i hear about you and Joe, the more I think that things come along so infrequently, that maybe, just maybe, you two should try to make it work.

I know, i know what you'll say, but honestly, it sounds as if you two really do care about each other. So why not try? you seem sweet and so does Joe, and he does seem to have the ability to "blend in", so why not?

Been a reader for a bit and really am a sucker for happy endings...just hoping there's one there for you and Joe. Arizona and California aren't that far apart :-)

just a thought...

Take care,


Dash said...

wow . .
this is a good read . .
and football boys in white pants - life doesn't get any better . .
let me know if you want a good workout sometime

dan said...

dude! for real, for real? man that's awesome you guys get to meet up even a little bit. also glad to hear you are playing well, keep it up. now I've just got to get myself to some bar in Vegas. dang! ha

richardwatts said...

Awwwww. That's so sweet. He sounds like a cool guy.

sedition said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile, bit not made many comments. However, it made me realize I had similar experiences in the skateboard industry. Inspired by yours, I started one of my own about be being an almost pro-skateboarder (who happened to be gay) in the skate industry. I gave you props in my first post, and linked your blog. Hope that is cool with you. If not, lemme know and I'll remove it.


Dupa Jasia said...

.. .. ...

sigma_chi said...

so what's the deal with dustn pedroia? he's damn hot!

Anonymous said...

if 45 minutes is a marathon of sex then i have to wonder...

sexy said...