Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ask Slugger #3

Hey Slugger; really liked your last couple entries. Questions: do
you ever get tired of traveling, and what do you do in your spare time in
the hotels you stay at?

Thanks man.

Thanks for the e-mail. First, I never get tired of traveling. I like seeing a lot of the small cities that I get to travel to. Some aren't small cities at all, some are larger cities with a great nightlife and stuff to do while we are in town. Most of it is nightlife, hitting a dive bar or if it's the weekend, we hit a club. by we I mean the teammates.

Just imagine traveling with your best friends on vacation. Most of us have gone on spring break with buddies, fraternity brothers and even some guys you play a sport with. I never really got to go on spring break since I was with the team playing in spring training games down in Florida. Anyway, it's a lot like that. You get very close to your teammates and the guys that are with your team. When an oppertunity to go out and have a good time comes up, we move in on it.

As far as keeping busy, like if we get rained out... we bring along Nintendo Wii, Playstations and XBox to help pass the time. Playing Madden, Hoops, or shoot 'em games. Plus Poker is HUGE!!! I can play poker till 3am and be fine with it.

Thanks for the e-mail and hope this helps!!

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