Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Life is crazy right now. I found a condo to move into and it's not that far from where I will be playing and practicing. My dad is going to meet me at the airport there and we are gunna go get stuff for it. My mom is excited to decorate.

I want a place that is more mature than I am. So I can at least think that I am a grown up. Though, I do play baseball and we (players in general) are boys playing a game.

I got kind of freaked out back in December. I was contacted by a guy who said he played in the minors too. We started chatting on AIM and he seeemed like a cool guy. After about a week of comparing stories and talking he started trying to guess my real name. It freaked me out and I signed offline. He kept going on emailing me and even started asking JP about me. Which he didn't give in.

I understand guys are interested in who I am. I understand that I am putting myself out there by using a blog as a method of dealing with who I really am. But to be in the closet and have someone try to rip me out is not cool. Even trying to abuse my friends is not cool.

There are guys out there that appreciate what I am doing. I like being able to talk to high school, college and professional athletes. I was there in high school, and had someone to turn to. There are guys who don't have anyone to turn to, which sucks.
Anyway, I like talking to guys on e-mail so hit me up. Don't be shy. It will still be a few weeks before I have a DSL at my condo, when I move in I will get back on AIM... I swear!


Zach Crane said...

hey dude

cool blog man. I have one that is similiar to yours but a little more sexual. Its hard being in the closet but we gotta do what we gotta do right?

I added a link to your blog from mine so maybe you might get some new readers.

Keep up the good work man.


wolveriner said...

The guy has nothing better to do. You were obvious in your desire to remain anonymous and he tried to find out who you are. I hope you didn't log off right after he guessed your real name, or else it'd be a dead giveaway.

Danny1959 said...

That guy was a jerk. I appreciate what you're trying to do and understand that you could be jeopardizing your career. I hope someday that being out in the majors isn't a problem for you.

dan said...

hey some posts. sweet! so glad to here it clicked with the lacrosse dude. i LOVE how you met that guy. I'm always looking when I travel for the guy like me who, away from home, more willing to search for a dude etc.. anyway, no worries about where you are located, just knowing other guys are out there in your sit., like you said, is awesome for all the other readers of the blog. good luck with the new place, have some fun. later.

Ray said...

Hey guy. I stumbled across your blog from somewhere. I honestly forget where I started reading from. Anyway, I find your posts to be thoughtful and well written. I'm not an active sports player anymore, but I used to play Lacrosse on the junior college level and club team level. Nowhere near the level of being in the public eye like you are. Anyway, this last post about being able to talk to athletes on all levels...that hit home. I wish when I was still playing I had someone to talk to about things.

Take care.