Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ask Slugger

This is your chance to ask me questions about me and life. I have been growing more and more as a person these last few months and it's making me feel a lot better about myself. So, I decided that I would create an "Ask Slugger" section for the blog. It will also help me with coming up with ideas for the blog. I will only post your first name along with the question that you ask.

You can send your questions to Clubhousecloset@gmail.com

Also, some of you guys have been sending pictures of yourselves to me, which is awesome and I have a LOT of hot readers. Some have said I could post these pictures and some do not want them shared. I only post pictures of guys that give me permission to post. So, if you want to include a picture of yourself, you may get something in return... ;-)

So, ask away readers! This only works if you guys send me something.

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