Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Not like "The O.C."

California is different than what I expected. I have had some free time today, and time away from being with the guys so I have been able to actualy take my notes and bring them out on the blog.

I have been to Cali before and this time it is different. It is so laid back, more so than the NY area. It's no nice and refreshing. I feel more alive. I am starting a new track in my life and just think that I will be able to do a lot better and so more things then what I was doing in NY. Granted I was trying to get to where I am now, and It is GREAT! I don't know, all the frustration of moving and dealing with everything associated with it is a lot.

September 11th really took a lot out of me. Knowing guys that worked at Ground Zero and not being able to be in the NY area is hard. For those who do live in the NYC area, it's so different. We were effected so much more than the rest of the country. Nothing against those in Washington DC area, but the WTC disaster hurt New Yorkers and those who live in the Tri-State area.

Anyway, enjoy that view I left up there. Start e-mailing me again and I should be getting some locker room stories up soon.Haven't had anything really eventfull happen, plus I haven't seen much.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Sport! Glad to see you back posting. I'm waiting to here some juicy stories of your Cali ventures. Paul

Dawg said...

Hot guys. I, too, have a thing for redheads.

Living in Boston, maybe it is the Irish ethnicity, we see many hot redheads riding the T (the T = the nickname of the public transit in Boston) and elsewhere.

Good luck in your new start in LA.

And go Yankees!

(Yankee fan living in Boston)