Monday, September 18, 2006


Being on the West Coast, Giants games at 1:00pm are played at 10:00am PDT. I was able to get up by 11am to see my Giants losing to Philly. Drinking a beer to get rid of my hangover with a roomate of mine, who is an Eagles fan and from Philly, started taunting me.

By the end of the game in Overtime, I was CHEERING and yelling at my roomie. We had practice later on in the day where I PROUDLY wore a Giants hat and t-shirt while lifting. I miss being in the NY area during those kind of games. I had college and high school buddies calling me celebrating, drunk, in some midtown bar. JP, who filled in for 3 posts, was in Philly for the game and got hit with hotdogs while sitting in the stands and ran out of the stadium so he wouldn't get killed.



V.J. Civic said...

It was a very good game. They were behind throughout the game and finally came back at the end.

My Dolphins, on the other hand, sucked and blowed.

dan said...

did you happen to see our OU sooner studs get RIPPED off by the refs saturday. SUCKED. but it did have me watching right up to the last 2 seconds. damn!
enjoy sunny cali and the new roomies. later.