Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cali... So Far

I have been out here in Cali for over a week now and I can tell you that it feels really good to be out here.

I am VERY happy to be out of my parents house and I am adjusting to the laid back lifestyle that California has to offer. My roommates are really cool. From all over the USA and pretty much in the same boat I am, just trying to be a ball player.

The Harvard Guys, pictured left, who I have posted about, remind me of my roomates that I have now. We were up early to watch the early NFL games. We have Direct TV and got NFL Ticket so we can watch all kinds of football games. As you know, I am a big Giants fan and were able to watch the Giants come back and win the game.

Another part of group living is using the bathroom. I share a house with 6 guys. We have 2 bathrooms. Since we all shower after practice and games together, it's no big deal to be in the bathroom with eachother at the same time. After a heavy night of drinking, I woke up to go use the shower the 2nd day I was here. I walked in on my roommate shaving (his face) and appologized and started to close the door. He yelled back, "Brah, you can take a shower. I don't give a fuck." So I went in... turned on the shower and hopped in. I got so used to having my own shower at my parents house that I was spoiled with having my own time in there. While I was showering, and he was shaving, another roomate came in and started pissing. 3 of us in one bathroom. No big deal. I really think I am going to like team living.


Anonymous said...

whats the Harvard guys website?

camb said...

ditto. i'm a crimson and i want in on that shit!!! can you email me the link????