Friday, April 07, 2006

Showers. That is what got me through high school. I distinctly remember the first time I had to shower with other guys. It was for a gym class in 7th grade. I know, a little young to remember everything but I remember that my locker was next to this guy Gregg (who you will all hear about in the future). Anyway, Gregg played football and baseball with me. He was about 6'2", blonde hair, blue eyes and kept in shape outside of football and baseball by skateboarding. He was definitly developed more than the rest of the guys in my class. For the end of 7th grade Gregg was packing some heat. When he undressed, he didn't care that his cock was being shown. He was proud to show it off. I loved his cockiness. I would try to catch a glimpse of other guys in my class that I found hot and everyone really just looked the same. But Gregg stood out.

High School was a little different. Gregg was still above average from the guys that I saw. Freshman year during Football season we were required by the Varsity coach to shower after practice and after games. The freshmen football team had lockers in the Varsity locker room, so I was able to check out all the upperclassmen that I knew from playing baseball, basketball, and hockey with. Freshmen though had to walk across the hall to the regular gym locker room and use the showers there. We were not worthy enough to shower with the JV and Varsity Squad.

That first day after practice with pads we were all like deer in headlights. No one really wanted to take that first step. Joey and I decided to make the first move by draping our towels around our waist and then heading across the hall. Joey our QB and was also a catcher for our baseball team. Guys followed in. It was errie quiet. The shower heads were on the walls that lined the shower room. there was a changing area that led to the locker room that had hooks for us to place our boxers and such.

As soon as the showers got hot and everyone relaxed we all started talking. THATS when everyone started checking the other guys out. I swear. Most athletes will not admit it, but if you have been in that situation, most guys are curious to see what the other is packing. And this is where the story starts to get good and where I lived out some pretty wild times.

;-) stay tuned! and thanks for the comments and IM's.


Mark said... you do have my attention!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt said...

Dude! Your blog is my most popular outgoing link! What did I tell you! The people have spoken, and they love you!

Anonymous said...

I remember a guy in my PE class my sophomore year of high school. He ran track, very lean but a short guy, like me. He was Cajun so he had olive skin and dark hair and the biggest dick of anyone else in the class. And he must have known because he always took a long time to get dressed after the showers.