Friday, April 07, 2006

I lied... I have some time

So, I thought I had to leave you all but now I have some time on my hands. I wanted to take some time off from looking at some guys cock at Shea Stadium and my cyber crush on Matt from Debriefingtheboys to talk about my love for the New York football Giants and how rediculously hard their schedule is next season. The Giants are the reining 2005 NFC East Champions and got DESTROYED by the Carolina Panthers. Of note, Eli Manning faces Colts Qb and brother Peyton the first game of the year, out in the swamp. NBC is cumming in their NBC issued spandex (which I am sure they do at the Peacock network).

Anyway, it should be a good season.... in September... it's barely baseball season, and I am getting a boner over football. I have already started to think about my "fantasy team" not ESPN fantasy but actual bed fantasy..... Anyone have suggestions?


Matt said...

awww! a crush?!?!

Anonymous said...

"NBC is cumming in their NBC issued spandex"--Uh, is this in reference to the infamous Duke Rape e-mail by Ryan McFadyen?