Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Str8 Acting

I was out at a few bars this weekend and what happens... I bump into a guy I knew from high school. Al and I played football and baseball together. He was a year younger than me. It was strange bumping into him because he went to college out in the mid-west and I had not seen him since that first summer after my freshman year of college.

Anyway... I am at this College Bar / Irish Pub / Wanna be NYC Lounge that I was NOT expecting to see people from high school at. The first person I see is this girl Kirsten by the bathroom. She shrieks and is so excited to see me. While she is talking to me she is copping a feel on my chest and biceps. I don't mind. It's getting her wet and I know it. I am just having fun with it because I know I am not gunna hit it.

After talking for a few minutes I retreat to the bathroom. It was the most akward situation in there for a regular str8 guy. As soon as you walked in there was a urinal to the left against the wall. Directly next to the urinal by about 2 feet was a toilet. Not that I was complaining but if you are finished pissing, you have to turn to your right to go to the sink and can't help but not look at the guys cock that is standing next to you. There was a cute, young guy that had hair like the Gotti brothers. He was a bouncer/DJ/bartender at this place. Made a comment that it was akward turning around and such he laughs and keeps the convo going. Just the two of us in the bathroom. As I was leaving I said, "We will have to do this again later on" Laughed and left the bathroom. As I am walking up the stairs I spot Kirsten and this guy Mike from high school.

Mike is just hot. Mike is 6'2" dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and an awesome personality. He did not play sports in college, he joined a frat and kept in shape. Kirsten and Mike had dated in high school so I figured they were there together. We start the chit chat and he is asking me all these questions about college and playing ball and all that stuff. We start talking baseball and Kirsten grows angry and leave to go dance with some whores on the dance floor. Mike and I are LOCKED in conversation. We kept drinking beers and just talking. I decided to bait him to the bathroom. He does no budge. He is "OK" So I go down the stairs to the basement to the bathroom. There is a line for the guys room.

Out of nowhere the Gotti DJ lookalike says whats up... (was he spying on me waiting for me to go to the bathroom?) His name is Vinny (his real name... so hot) He says there is a staff bathroom upstairs thats close. I take him up for it.

I walk into the bathroom and its a one person kinda deal. He closes the door behind him. I take my dick out and start to piss. I don't wanna make the first move. We keep chatting while I am pissing and noticed he moved to the sink and was looking in the mirror directly to my right. I catch him spying my cock so I move in.

"I guess you like what you see" I say...

He looks at me and says, I don't usualy do this but I'm all horned up and thought what the hell. I finished pissing and just turned to him. he drops to his knees and starts sucking my cock. I kid you not. We were in the room for about a half hour. Afer having our fun I returned back to the bar. Mike was still there waiting for me watching the dance floor. He said he is about to take off, gives me his cell number and takes off. I def wanted to flirt with him more.

At about 3:30am I get a text message from Mike saying "Wat you up to? u around still?"

I didn't reply back because I went home with Vinny that night. I can't wait to see if Mike is around during Easter


Anonymous said...

Nice bro. I really like your blog. It must be lonely/confusing to be in your situation. Especially since guys don't pick up that you're gay at first.

So what happened with Gotti when you went home with him?

kev20 said...

Great story...tell us about the Gotti guy - what took place when you left? Did you ever hook-up with Mike?

John B said...

Damn that's a hot ass story. I'm rereading some of your posts and can't believe I missed this one! Hot.