Monday, March 13, 2006


Has anyone been a dork on Fridays and watched Conviction? Well, this past Friday I did and I got a little steamed about it. There is a story line about a gay athlete. A young black basketball player has a full ride scholarship to Seton Hall (Go Pirates) On the show, he beats up a young white man outside a club for being gay. Drops the word faggot like it’s going out of style. Turns out, the guy he beats up (an artsy/drama boy who is directing a play… stereotypical) had a sexual relationship with the black boy and threatened to “out” him.

While I am sure this happens a lot in real life, the black boy “on the down low” refuses to admit in court that he had an affair and risks going to jail for a few years for a hate crime and not attending seton hall because people would know that he was with guys.

It got me upset because that’s all they showed on it. Never showed a resolution or anything. I feel like the writers could have went on further with this situation and made the black boy stand up for who he is, admit it, go to school and be done with it. But no, it just ends. Maybe this Friday we will see something. Yes, I will be a dork, stay in till 11pm just to watch this amazing Law and Order spin off. (note to NBC, it should have been called “Law and Order: Conviction”

Anyway: Big Shouts to Ryan Quinn. Right after my first post in like a year he responded. Anyone who wants to check out his story you can find it here. He has an entire online community dedicated to college athletes who have the courage to come out of the closet. While I am still “IN” this proverbial closet I encourage other athletes/jocks/stalkers to check out his page.

I have become a Yahoo IM addict. It is so much cooler than AIM. Anyone who has Yahoo can chat with me on there if they ever see me online. My Yahoo ID is “ClubhouseCloset”. I know, how original. They have a thing for blogging on there called 360. Its like part MySpace part blogger. I put one up, but will be using it to post pics of hot guys. I mean why not. Check it out if you wish. What can I say, I enjoy eye candy. Long post, longer weekend. Remember to hit me with any questions and chat with me… my day job is boring and I need company!


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