Thursday, March 09, 2006

I suck at blogging

I truly suck at blogging. I keep forgetting that I have this thing out there. so, new york is very lonely. i never realized how shallow the actual city and online community really is. for example. a friend of mine from college, PJ, GREAT guy. he is about 6 foot tall, brown hair and eyes. He is a big guy. not fat, not bulky, just built big. he works out, isn't a crazy muscle guy but he is cute. he comes out with me every once and a while and guys will NOT give him the time of day. Its fackin shallow as hell.

maybe one day i will take a chance and head on out of this "closet" for now, PJ and I will chill out, head to "str8" bars in the city and try to score a bi-curious guy that isn't a big ol' drama queen.

anyway, tell your friends, im back. possibly a myspace on the way. i don't know. let me know what you wanna know about me.

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