Wednesday, January 01, 2014

End of the 9th

I had the rare opportunity to sit down by myself and reflect on 2013 over a cup of coffee at my parents new condo in Florida. They bought a unit in this fantastic building right on the beach that has a bunch of amenities that they will probably never use besides the pool area.

It's an infinity pool that old women use to swim laps in and do water aerobics. On this morning I made myself a cup of coffee and headed down to the pool to watch the sunrise and get lost in my thoughts.

I never thought this moment would come where my parents would accept my partner into our family and love Reid as if he was their own son. It's been a long tough road but it finally happened this past summer which led us here to celebrate Christmas.

It's been a long year. Reid and I moved in together in our new city. I started my amazing job and thrived. I feel like this move and position finally made me feel like an adult. To those in their late twenties and early thirties I think you know the feeling.

Having Reid around me at home all the time has been a blessing. He is a neat freak and I am not. Most of the time my bedroom looks like a 20 year old frat boy lived there. Reid has sort of got me away from that and made our home look like a home.

It's our home and right now I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with Reid. We've talked about marriage and if we would ever pull the trigger and have the ceremony. I think it would be a lot of fun just the party aspect of it. Bringing family and friends together. But it's also committing to another human being your soul for the rest of your life. 

Reid and I started as fuck buddies. Late night texts and mysterious encounters at my apartment. Playing it off like "bros" at a party. Once I got to know him I knew we clicked on a deeper level. From that moment where everything clicked for us the ball has been rolling at warp speed.

There have been bumps along the way as in any relationship but we have built something strong and lasting... with both our families support.

It's been over a year since I updated this space. To be honest I forgot about it for a while. I was concentrating on my new job and spending as much time as I could with Reid. He's the love of my life. Years ago while I was figuring my shit out I used this as a sounding board and a way to chat with other guys from across the nation.

I felt like I owed it to people who still may read this thing an update for what is going on.

So here are my 2014 Resolutions that I mapped out while sipping coffee at sunrise.

1. Tell Reid that I love him at least 3 times a day and actually mean it.
2. Tell him something everyday that impresses me about him.
3. If he annoys me tell him right off the bat and then tell him that I love him.

(I think that these are important to have in a relationship. Love and open communication)

4. Plan on starting a family with Reid. Adopting or knocking up a lesbian friend are options on the table.
5. Talk to my parents more.
6. Find a time each day to sit, relax and clear my mind of everything.

The rest of my resolutions are private and meant only for me... don't think you guys are interested in them.

When I first started writing this post I thought I was going to be saying goodbye to this space and to the people that still read. As I am writing this I want to keep it and let everyone know what happens over the course of the year with Reid and our families.

I hope 2013 was a fantastic year for all of you. I hope 2014 is an even better year filled with lots of love and joy.


madmanMD said...

you were the first gay/"closeted" blog i ever started reading and what helped inspire me to blog myself. reading your blog and others like yours has really helped me on my own path and it is so great to hear that you are doing well and have reid in your life. you might be a complete stranger but it's a wonderful thought that at least two guys are happy and together out there.

happy 2014 to you and reid and i look forward to any future updates you might have for your readers!

Immanuel said...

You are lucky and blessed. The best to you and yours in 2014!

Immanuel at

Jerry said...

And they live happily ever after . . . the best end to the stories people tell to impart lessons and share experiences with others.

You have come so far from those early, unsure days, filled with lots of uncertainty about where your path and journey would take you. Like the good doctor said above, I echo the sentiments that your happy outcome is an inspiration to others what travel a similar road.

Good luck to you and Reid. The future is bright and many opportunities await you.

Struggler said...

Oh such a great update Slugger! I am so glad that you guys carried on so well, which is now a dream for my life. I've always been wondering if there's someone that will love me like you love Reid. I am so happy for you! If you guys are really gonna make a move on life-committment, please do let us know when that comes!

All the best.

James Marka said...

That's so great for you guys! I've been following this blog for a really long time, it's so nice to see you're enjoying your life and relationship and that your families support. Reading your stuff has been really helpful in my own personal journey as well. Keep it up and Happy New Year!

Michael Perkins said...

I've been following your blog for the past few years, and it has to be said how much of an inspiration you have been not only to me, but to many like me who are struggling with this issue.

It's fantastic to hear that you're doing so well, and it was definitely a pleasant surprise to see a new post after a year of inactivity. Looking forward to whatever you share with us in 2014. Happy New Year!

timeout said...

I would be curious, if you have the time, what your thoughts are on the numerous athletes that are coming out. I realize it is a very diverse group but I would be interested to know what your opinions are on the subject.

Joe said...

It might be the end of the 9th, but that just means it's the start of a whole new ballgame! Glad you came back and glad you're stick around. I wish you and yours all the very best!