Thursday, December 09, 2010

Writing a Book

Something that sticks out to me is the amount of people who write in to say that they sit down and read the entire blog in one sitting. I have had this thing for years but in reality I haven't really written that much.

I received and e-mail about a year ago from a book editor looking to meet me and talk about a possible book deal. I had been approached before a long time ago asking for me to write a daily diary in hopes that it will be published one day.

I was skeptical of meeting this publisher/editor and kept everything via e-mail. He gave me his phone number just in case I wanted to give him a call or stop by his office to chat.

I've kept an in-depth diary that I don't keep under my pillow. It's actually in my safe next to my birth certificate and passport in case any of you break into my apartment. A friend of mine who really knows me wanted to write a screenplay about part of my life a few years ago. I freaked out on him for obvious reasons and barely talked to him for a year. Everything is fine now and I told him to write something and let me read it.

I don't know if this is something i wanna do but if it is I want to go all out and not do it half ass.


Mike said...

Slugger, I say go for it. Of course, that's easy for me to say considering I'm not the one with a lot to potentially lose, but if you did go through with this and write a book, you would be that much more of a hero and inspiration to millions that you don't even know. Obviously, if you were to write a book, I'm taking it that you would have to come out of the closet. This would be incredibly monumental not only for the gay community, but for professional sports as well. You could be one of the key instruments in helping break down the barrier that is preventing gay professional athletes from playing the sport that they love openly and 100% being themselves. I know this is going to be a major life changing decision for you to have to make, so I don't want to come off as making this sound like an easy decision to make, but I want you to know that you would have many, many supporters that would not only help you get through this, but look up to you for your bravery and honesty as well. Not to mention the money you would make. ;) I would be willing do bet that your book would be a major best seller for the simple fact that a book of the nature that yours would be written is so incredibly rare in the world. I know I would buy a book, and I'm sure millions of others would as well. We need our own "Gareth Thomas" over here in the United States, and it would be great if it was you. Whether you decide to write the book or not, please let all of us (your countless fans) know. We will support you no matter what, but I don't even think you know how much this potential book would mean to millions of people not only in America, but around the world as well. As the late great Lou Gehrig once said: "There is no room in baseball for discrimination. It is our national pastime and a game for all."

Trent Frazier said...

I, too, would love to see your story either published in book form, or on the big screen. It would obviously be a major step for you, and would change the course of your life dramatically. Even though many of us would be grateful and inspired if you took this step, I think you should do it only if it feels right for YOU. You are the only one living your life; no one else can presume to know how this might affect you.

headbang8 said...

You're going to diss me for saying this, but gay sportspeople should have an easier time coming out than other public figures.

After all, your objective worth as a professional is easy to measure. If team management want to do without you goals scored, baskets sunk, or runs batted, then they look incompetent. It should be tough to deny a good player his place.

But teams are strange creatures; so many egos and insufferable Type-A's. And, I'm sure you're aware, closet cases in denial. Be sure of team-mates before doing the deed (though you blog suggests you have pretty good read on them already).

When you look at the out sportspersons of the world, we see a lot of tennis players, sprinters, divers, swimmers...and comparatively few in team sports.

If the members of the US armed forces, through their recent exhaustive survey, show that they can serve with a gay fellow soldier, then your team-mates can do the same. They have no reason to shun you, or to behave in anything other than a sportsmanlike fashion.

Coming out in the form of a book sounds good--it shows you have done so with forethought and dignity. But beware that your sexuality will probably be leaked to the net before publication, such is the way of the world nowadays. Be prepared with a short answer, as well as a longer explanation.

But I agree with Mike and Trent. Any sportsperson who comes out gives his fellow gay men, or her fellow lesbians, a great gift of solidarity.

And speaking on a personal level, as a man who struggled with his orientation for far too long, coming out is also a personal liberation. You're not just a sportsman, you're a man. Do what's right for the man, first, and the ball-player, second.

Strength to you.


Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Hey Slugger,

We agree with the Mike, Trent and HB8. However, and just to somewhat reiterate, DO NOT "write a book or screenplay" for "the team" or for "the slugger". Dude, if you do so, do it (first and foremost) for YOURSELF!

At the end of the day, you will only be answering to YOURself. Get YOUR life in order... and set that life for yourself such that the release of a potential book does not catapult you into a whole new world (plus+) media lights and stalking to boot.

Look, it's hard enough being GBLT and closeted and trying to coming out. Why complicate matters with "media and press" for the sake of "writing a book" of "writing a Hollywood screenplay" just because you are a closeted athlete (with more media exposure than the guy next door???).

First, deal with your own internal issues and insecurities! Keep that diary and learn about thyself... and if you want to, turn those entries into into narrative form. But don't go down the author/screenplay route just because a prospective agent is looking for the next bestseller, or because a friend tells you to.

And like HB8 notes -- as DADT goes through Congress -- consider the results of the exhaustive (and soooo well written survey)... and how you can use its highlights to duly impress upon the baseball/team sports industry.

Alain (from T3NL)

Eric said...

Slugger, I wonder if you have seen this ESPN The Mag "player x" story on nudity in the baseball clubhouse; it's been a couple of years since I logged on to your blog, so if you dealt with this before, I apologize; however, I laughed my ass off when I read this:

Anonymous said...

dude u and me r a lot alike. sports. masculine men. need for privacy while showing our stuff on a blog. contact me when u got a chance. just found yor blog and love it.

Pete said...

Interesting blog.
Only just discovered it.

Trying to read my way through.
Good luck with the book. Its definitely not as easy as it sounds but if you think you can do it then go for it.


Jason_M said...

Okay, it's February. What's goin on?

Steevo said...


Years ago you commented on my blog that you admired me for what I was doing as an out teacher and a blogger.

Get some good advice from respected leaders in the gay journalism world.

If you do this right, you could do so much for young gays and lesbians, not just those who do sports. And now DADT is gone, the world has not imploded, etc.

Maybe you can talk to that NHL Hockey GM whose son came out, but tragically died in a freak auto accident.

Suicide rates for high school gay boys is staggering. The recent "It Gets Better" movement/project is making a big splash. The Trevor Project is now having mainstream impact. The stage is set. Just do it with dignity and some class.

I think that there would be many ways for your story to be told without a lot of tacky sensationalism. If you are willing, you can be a role model and a good one. There will be hype, so balance that with sound solid information and a positive context.

If my SF Giants can win the World Series after such a long dry spell, maybe you can do this and help change attitudes. Some people will say you are doing it for the money, well what if you are? NFL players do their sport for money and fame and suffer early brain damage. You will have your critics but you will also inspire gay youth and they will know that a person can be gay and an athlete. It's possible.


Steevo said...

I don't see a way to email you.

I have some additional thoughts to share privately.

Once you see this post maybe you can delete it.

BigWoody said...

Where are you slugger? We miss you...

Russian Boy said...

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Anonymous said...

If it was published,I will be the first to get that book on the shelf

Mike said...

It's been a little over three months now since your last blog post. I think we all (your many fans) would like an update of any kind to see how you are doing. With the recent coming outs of a couple of pro European athletes, Anton Hysen being the most recent, we Americans are on pins and needles waiting for our American pioneer. Not trying to rush you or anything, just displaying my personal satisfaction in the fact that some pro athletes in Europe are coming out, and so far have not had the backlash that many would expect. Anyway, hope to hear from you again soon. You have many, many fans that are eager for any update as to how you are doing in the life of pro baseball as a closeted athlete.

Jason_M said...

C'mon! We're dyin' over here!