Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ask Slugger

Most of you hate when I take long breaks from the blog. One of the common emails I get from you guys is that you discover my blog and read it all in one sitting. 

When I get down on myself about stupid bullshit usually log in to this e-mail address and see who has written in. When I see that a guy reads about my life it helped out and made them feel more normal it makes me happy. Sure it strokes my ego a little bit but at least something is getting stroked. 

You guys have sent in some interesting questions which I thought I would answer for you. 

To the mailbag! (I feel like Bill Simmons)

Have you seen the Duke Fuck List? Did you keep your own fuck list while in college?
For those who have not heard about the Duke Fuck List check out Deadspin. In short; a girl at Duke had sex with a bunch of Athletes at the school including some Baseball players. She ranked them on cock size and how they were in bed. 

A buddy of mine that went to Duke sent this to me last week and I gotta say that when I read it I immediately got wood. I've done something similar here on my blog but with a major difference. None of you know the guys I have been sleeping with. I think that the project could have been done as a blog without the actual names of the guys and their pictures. I feel bad for the guys

Let's be honest though. The guy above is hot. I'm sure he's cocky and from reading about him he sounds like he does get a fair amount of tail. I'd fuck him. 

Ed asks:
Do you wear a jock strap or compression shorts?

A lot of you want to know what kind of underwear I wear. It's one of the most popular e-mails I get from you guys. I answered that question 2 years ago. 

To update you guys on the underwear situation... it's still the same.


John B said...

Yeah I read that Duke fuck list and agree I got wood and the guys were all smoking hot but that's such a shitty thing to do to another human being. Some of those really got the short end of the stick (literally) and now have families and careers and shit.

That girl must be doing something right to bag all those hot guys.

Anonymous said...

in this era of the internet, it was just a question of when something like the fuck list would surface. the internet is a receptacle for all sorts of information (useful and useless). these days, the internet serves as a platform for these things and apparently there's an audience for it as well. "kiss and tell" accounts have been around forever. and with the ubiquitous cell phone, we all have to be a lot more careful if we are concerned about privacy (case in point, brett favre). glad ur back!

dan said...

hey man, great post. hope all is well.

hacky said...

hey man, just wanted to say that i started reading your blog two years ago when i was 18. i remember pouring over every concept, every facet of idea that you typed on your blog, because it echoed onto my own life. it sucks being gay and being athletic, surrounded by hot guys 24/7 who talk shit. and soo i was disappointed when i found out you stopped writing, i hope you get back into maybe use a different site, like tumblr.

anyways just wanted to know what you thought over the recent suicides of gay teenagers and bullying around the nation?

Mike M said...

Ah, Jake's a hottie. I actually know a few of the guys there (go to Duke). Girls have it so much easier, she ain't that hot either.

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james said...

John B said:
"That girl must be doing something right..."

Nah, she was just drinky and horny. Doesn't take much more than that to make a guy want to fuck you if you're a girl.

rugbysex said:
"the internet is a receptacle for all sorts of information..."

yeah, like that chick was a receptacle for ...

oh yeah, i said it! but really, she kinda was/is. i mean, have you read some of that stuff? there was one where she stumbled out of one guy's room and into another guy's, doing both of them one after the other. and it was kind of disturbing that of all the sex she had, there was only maybe one time when she was sober. the girl has got some issues.

(but i agree, a few of those guys were pretty hot.)

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kenwine7 said...
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Dawgman said...

Can identify with your "life" in general. Growing up in a pro baseball family, fears of coming out etc. Lets just say I'm half to 3 quarters out at this point in life. Anyway, its good to hear your blog stories and let ya know there's someone who can relate - not just about being closeted, but also the worries of coming while in pro baseball.Philly area here and lots of locals/press to be concerned with. However as time goes on (45 now) its less of a worry for me, or my baseball family

Ricky said...

Hey Slugger just came across your blog -- not like that. Love your stuff, post more!