Thursday, May 15, 2008

Camera Phones

It amazes me how far the camera phone has come. I remember being over in Europe before they were big here. In Europe they had SMS and Picture messaging long before phones here came with cameras. I remember when I got my first one I contemplated using it in the locker room and taking pictures of guys. I mean, who hasn't thought about it. I am sure many of you thought to yourself that.

I came across that picture above and it really turned me on. It's two buff guys, chillin in the locker room and hangin out. Maybe it was sent to a girl to get them all hot for after the game. maybe it was a dare, or sent to a guy on the team as a joke.

This guy I played summer ball with one year was notorious for picture messages. He would take pictures of almost anything and send them as a mass message to guys on the team. He had an unlimited plan and used it quite often. Let's call him Ian.

Ian was, well, he was a cocky ass mother fucker. He had the body and some skill to back it up as well. I think he only ate 3 solid meals a week that summer. The rest were shakes. He would take MASSIVE dumps and send us all a text of it. It was disgusting, but we got used to them and almost expected them to come at the most random times.

I'm sure all of you are wondering what Ian looks like. Well, his "bio" for his team lists him as 6'2" 205lbs. He's brown hair, grey eyes drove the ladies wild.

One night we are all out at a bar hangin out, taking in the local scene and he starts flirting with some chick who is there on vacation. She was good looking, there with friends from college and he starts sweet talking her. While she was up at the bar he talks about how he hasn't got laid in a while.

he has a girlfriend back home and to make himself feel better he shoots her a text message saying he misses her. They start a texting war back and forth of naughty nasty messages. Every time he would get something hot he would share it with the table.

He then got a picture of his college girlfriend's tits and another of her vagina saying, "Iwant you inside me."

That last message drove Ian crazy. He decided that he was going to try to fuck the girl he met at the bar because his girlfriend was getting him all horny. He goes to the bathroom to take a picture of himself for his gf and I don't know if he meant to do it (he deny's it) sends us a picture of himself half mast from the bathroom. Like a scene out of a movie we all check our phones a few seconds after each other and have the same reaction.

That night Ian did fuck that college chick. Most baseball players do that kinda thing while on the road. The next morning we had a team workout. Our manager at the time was a former player looking to move up the ranks coaching. As we are stretching we are telling stories from the night before and our manager asks Ian if he was able to get inside her last night.

We all stopped... starred at our coach and BUSTED out laughing. I ended up losing my phone after that season and WISH I still had some of the pictures I got from that summer saved.

Anyway, I saw that locker room picture and that brought some memories flooding back to me. If anyone had camera phone pictures they wish to share with me you can always send them to Clubhousecloset [at] gmail dot com

Enjoy some hot english rugby star Danny Cipriani. I know I am. He reminds me of Ryan a little bit.


Dick Pics said...

i love danny! he's so cute. have you seen that other guy that took pics with him for this shoot named james haskell? he's like my dream guy. looks wise anyway.

Anonymous Blogger said...

how do you stumble upon a picture like that? was it on google or something? haha. anyways yea I had a friend who was like that too. it was weird but funny at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Was that story true? or are you lying

Anonymous said...

Lying is harsh, how bout making shit up.

Grand said...

hahaha thats an awesome story. i wish i got picture texts like that. sucks you lost your phone afterwards

i envy you for all the hot stuff that happens to you lol

Nite in Shining Armour said... would be hot to get a faceless pic of you. I know that it will never happen, but one can always dream.

JUSTIN said...

Awesome story man. Damn, even if that only kind of looks like Ryan, he must be hot as hell. Glad that's still going good.

haliaeetusguys said...

Love to hear more about you and Ryan! We all need someone special in our lives and it looks like you've found him. - Volker

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