Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ask Slugger

It's ask Slugger time!

I have been getting some great questions from people and here are some questions and answers that I would like to share with you guys.

1. Have you ever had sex with someone while you (and/or the other person) were in full uniform/gear (pants, shirt, jock, cup, compression shorts, etc...)? As an closeted athlete, I have fantasized about doing this, but am not sure about persuing it because I'm afraid I'd be thought of as a freak.

A: Well, I don't think you are a freak. I think it would be hot to have sex in my baseball uniform. I always wanted to fuck Joe while he was wearing his gear. Just made him look real hot. LAX guys are usualy really hot so why not. I hope you can live out your fantasy soon. Plus send me some pics of you in gear... that would be hot!

2. Anonymous said...Hey man, Got a question for you. Whered all your stories go. They were really good. It got almost everyone hard. Have you met any baseball legends?

A: First baseball legends... I have met a few. More on those later...

Stories... I have been slacking on stories but wanted to share a story from a guy I have been talking to. It's really hot and something I thought you guys would enjoy... I'm working on a something for you guys but first here is "Marc"

Hey what's going on? I just wanted to send you an email and tell you how much your blog has resonated with me, and really helped me when I was going through some stuff. I'm 23 years old, just graduated from college. I went to a Division 1 school and for 3 years of college I secretly dated a member of our football team...a football team that is consistently ranked in the top 25 in the country and qualified for bowl games at the end of every season. I am also an athlete, played hockey, baseball, and tennis all my life. But I lacked the tenacity to pursue athletics at that level - academics became more important to me as time wore on and I realized that sports was not a realistic professional goal for me.

Anyways, we met in the cafeteria. After some long staring matches I was standing at the bar outside of the checkout line getting my stuff together and I was packing up my things. He walks up from the "football table" to get some condiments. I look over at the beautiful man I've been staring at for weeks thinking about how badly I wished he were actually into guys, because I was sure that he wasn't. He asks "What do you think - barbecue or honey mustard?"

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with bbq...so I said "I've always been a bbq guy myself." He responded "I sorta picked up on that, I've been trying to figure that out for a while." Being the awkward sophomore that I was, I walked away very confused. After more staring matches about 2 weeks later I was sitting outside reading my book and he was walking up to the caf with his friends. He motioned that he needed to use his cell phone and walked over and sat down next to me and said, "Are you gonna ever grow the balls to talk to me or am I just gonna have to wonder about getting to know you."

He could tell I was hesitant and unsure so he just said "Look, just give me your number." He texted me later as we were sitting eating lunch at our respective tables and it said "I love watching you smile."

Anyway, I'm droning on and probably boring you. We started hanging out after that and soon began sleeping together. At first, we were both scared and it was purely sexual...but after a while we couldn't deny it anymore and the feelings crept in. He was/is my first big love.

We've come to a point where he is probably going to enter the NFL draft after the season and have realized that it is too hard to be together. We can't ever see eachother and we are both so closeted and in different social circles that it's just nearly impossible. My heart is still broken...I think his might be too. At least I hope it is, as bad as that sounds. .

Keep your questions coming! I always like questions, stories, pictures... HOT PICTURES. LOL


Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome story. Great dialogue, and texting is THE great modern invention to keep things on the DL. Thanks to "Marc" for sharing it with us.

Speedy said...

My first love was really similar, sex in secret places (the woods, a car, a friend's house) and so intense, and I still miss him 2 years later even though it couldn't have worked. We probably spent 24 hours together in our 3 months of dating, but I remember every minute like it was yesterday. Crazy.