Monday, May 21, 2007


“hey, ive been reading ur blogs,and as an athlete myself how do you deal with locker rooms and showers? thanks man”

I know I have answered this question a few times and even blogged about it so click here and read up!

I haven’t had many great questions sent in. Mostly they are asking me about how I like to shower and if I have banged anyone on my team. LoL

I also wanted to give an update on Joe. We talked on Friday night while I was on my road trip. We both decided that since we were far away from each other and that since he will be trying out to MLL that we would just stay friends, with benefits. One day I hope to be able to be together with him and be in a real relationship but right now it is not possible. I also have a confession that will be posted in a few days.

Thanks again to the guys that e-mail me. I will be getting back to you tonight.


Anonymous said...

I assume you are circumcised. What % of players on your team are uncut? Have you ever had sex with an uncut guy? Which do you prefer? said...


I don’t know whether you saw the story today that the FDA reaffirmed its ban on gay blood donors yesterday. It’s discriminatory, and even the American Red Cross is against the policy.

I was hoping this would be an excellent opportunity for you to use your blog as a vehicle to motivate gays (and anybody else who cares) to get involved in trying to change this policy.

(1) First, you can post the Denver Post article, and add your thoughts on how bad this policy is:

(2) Second, you can post this video, which is about this very topic, and directs people how to get involved (Also, it has some really cute boys in it) :

(3) Next, you could add a link to this website. It is THE best resource in the nation for information on this topic, and for opportunities to get involved:

(4) You could post a link to this facebook group, where people can get involved and see who else is involved:

Please do this! This is an extremely important issue, and we really need to fight back. The fact that the FDA just reaffirmed its policy is the PERFECT opportunity to gain awareness, and get people motivated to fight back.

Please use the popularity of your blog to help me fight this!

Kenneth Garrett

newinsac said...

Hey there...I just wanted to tell you I set up my very own blog today because I have enjoyed reading yours and finally decided I would do one myself because you inspired me to:) I promise I won't ask you stupid questions about locker room I went to a fantasy baseball camp this past year that the SF Giants put on and that's the ONE question all my damn gay friends want to know about! Plus it's the number 1 question I get from my str8 friends you check the dudes out when you are in the shower??? Anyway I even gave you a small shout out on my blog so stop by and say hi sometime ( I really respect that you are blogging and look forward to reading more from you. Keith

Cam said...

Just read through a number of your blog entries and it has made me totally depressed. That someone like yourself would feel it necessary to dualize your life so that other people will accept you. What a screwed up world. Tragic.

Anonymous said...


I just happened on your blog. You're absolutely right that you have to make your own decisions. Yes, having a major league baseball star come out would be good politically: it would drive home the point that gay people come in all flavors, colors and kinds.

But first you have to decide where you are in your own life. You need to have your support systems in place. (And if Joe turns out to be a long-term support system, all the better. Hurray for you both!)And you have to decide what you want your life to be.

In the meantime, remember that lots of people are in the stands cheering for you: "Go, slugger!"

Tom in USA

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