Sunday, September 03, 2006

Last Night

Ernesto kicked my ass this weekend. Seriously, It has been depressing in New York these past few days. Rain, rain, rain. It doesn't help tat I work nights. I don't think I have seen the sun in a few days. What was nice was staying in and watching college football all day. Usualy I feel guilty staying in on a nice day, not going out and jogging or walking around the city, but when it's raining, you are limited in what you can do.

I was able to watch back and forth about 4 college football games at a time. Not to mention the Yankees game. It was awesome.

For the Notre Dame game I was able to watch everything but the 4th quarter. One of my fraternity brothers, Sully, came in to visit me last night. I got a call from some co-workers and ended up going out to this hookah bar down on Orchard Street in Manhattan. We get there, and the place is kinda weird. So I am just chillin and drinkin with Sully. We end up leaving and going to our favorite bar , Off the Wagon. We have a lot f history there playing beer pong and going there for birthdays and just getting smashed up.

We get a pitcher, and another and are on the beer pong table for about 4 games. No one is left to really play us so I go up to the bar and start talking to the bartender. He is really cute. He is about 5'9" great shape, has a dorky cute face like that guy Seth from the O.C.

We start talking and he gives me a free shot of Jager. My favorite. My buddy is trying to get me to come and talk to him and these girls so I can be his wing man but I was totaly into the bartender. He tells me that I need to come back sometime. His name is Tim. So if you are in New York, go to off the wagon and see the bartender Tim, let me know what you think. He is cute, just don't know if he likes guys. Story of my life I guess.


Anonymous said...

Nice to here from you JP!

V.J. Civic said...

I always fall for the straight guys as well. Don't you hate that? Its nice that you guys shared a conversation.

Nice lil blog you have here. I was starting to think sports dont mesh very well with gay culture.

Charles said...

He is cute. BTW I found your site via DudeTube.

dan said...

yeah man, I love it when I'm at the bars and some guy wants to buy me more beers, always makes me wonder why he wants to get me more drunk.. .he he.
dude in the pic is hot, i hope the shirt ain't right.