Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who are you How did you find me?

So here is my question? How do you guys find my blog? I don't go around advertising my website places. Sure, some guys link to my blog (Thanks DudeTube, debriefingtheboys, Micifus, and J James)

I am still wondering how you guys find my blog, who you are, how old are you and what do you like? It’s like my little version of a customer service survey. What do you want to see more of? What do you want to know? I have become a lot more comfortable with writing this blog, which is cool. And I have met so many cool guys over e-mail and talking on AIM and Yahoo IM.

I get some e-mails like this from a pretty cool guy i've been emailing...

"(your blog) has hit home with me because I thought I was the only one out
there. I am 23 now, I was the popular jock growing up. I played
football, basketball, and ran track. I am in the tail in of college in the
same city I grew up in and now it is like, empty. I guess I mean that
I am starting to get to the point in where people are askin so when are u goin
to get serious with a chick and things like that.... I am just a guy who happens
to like guys. That may sound wierd but it is true."

I try to respond to every e-mail I get and like talking to other guys about my posts.

So.... EMAIL ME!

Send me a picture, a few pictures. Send me what you want. I just like to know who is reading, why you’re reading and what I can do better to make this more interesting!


Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Hi Slugger,
I was one of those guys into all the competitive sports. I played them all, but the only one I represented in was Track and Field.
It nade it a little complicated, having to watch myself all the time.
I enjoy your blog, and I'll be dropping bt again.
Oh, and I heard about you from the North Woods Guys

Anonymous said...

Hi Slugger!
Very simple: I like ur blog cause I like naked boys & men! & I like big hard dicks!
Isn't it enough?

Great blog!!


gay jerker

alessandro said...

I sent you an email :)

dan said...

I first got this link from debriefing way back. I'l send you some pics when my new computer gets in. I like finding another blog about closet guys like me. also your stories of meeting guys is pretty cool, reminds me of back in school when guys would get drunk and hit on me. keep it up man. later.

WhiteflameNZ said...

Yeah, I follows a link from Debriefing ages ago. I dont think you should put in anything that other people want to see, just put in what you want. Its your blog, if people dont like it then they dont have to read. Make it your own.

Anonymous said...

I found out about this blog through another blog. I think it was Debriefing the Boys.

I'm 19, from Vancouver, Canada and I like jocks. I visit your site at least once a week to look for some updates. You should write more about yourself and your conquests with other guys. Haha.

Phil said...

Soooo....did you ever get those pics I sent you? Hope you enjoyed :P

Nikki said...

I found your blog thru bloghop.

I wanted to take a look-see because I know another blogger who is gay and I think he's great.

I'm also (hate to say it) curious about how gays live in the closet.
It confuses/facinates me.

Matt said...

Hi, I got here from one of the Australia hunk sites! I like the pictures and your writing. I have noticed that you have become somewhat more open and revealing about your gay life as you blog on. That's a great thing to see happening. I wish yu the best and have fun in your vacation. I'll check back often as I have put you on my blogroll. :)

I'm 32, Asian, lives in San Francisco, I like reading, writing, hiking, working out, swimming, soccer, dining out, and hanging out with friends. I like Australian type rugger looking men, and the muscular bear type with goatee. :) You can find lots of pictures of me at my blog.