Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Straight Playing

What a great few days it's been. I spent my three days off from playing ball hitting up local bars. It was a great time because I was able to meet someone who is a lot like me. Unfortunately I think I may have been played. It's the story of my life. Here is the situation:

I went to a local martini bar downtown and met up with 2 friends of mine who are girls. They were already sitting with a group of guys. One was extremely good looking and caught my eye. Now, Usually while I am out I try not to hit on guys, but this one was an exception. We definitely hit it off and find out we both like the Yankees and the NY Giants in football. After sitting and drinking for about an hour, I got up and headed for the bathroom. His friend Chris stopped me and asked me flat out if I was into Shane (the Hot one I had been talking too.)
With the alcohol talking I blurted out "yes". So here I am talking with this hot guy about how he wants to sail out to the middle of the ocean and find himself. I'm thinking to myself how hot is this?

So, after the bar closes we end up back at his buddies house. I am thinking to myself, I AM IN! But, as always there is a problem. He starts hitting on my friend Jenn. Long story short, around 5:30am I passed out on the floor with nothing really happening. I woke up about an hour later with the familiar sounds of sex coming from the couch. I looked up to see my friend Jenn and Shane having sex. Defeated, I got up and left the house.

Just my luck I guess. I took the chance, got hit in the face. Why can't there be normal gay guys, and not straight ones pretending to be gay to get a girl in the sack.


thoughtful idiot said...

Hey bud -- there are 'normal' guys out there. just look around and be open to it. when you least expect it, you'll find them or they'll find you.


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