Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 So a lot of you guys wanna know about Reid and want to know about my sex life. One of the NUMBER 1 questions was if we are still "together"...

Well... I guess you could say that's complicated.

Reid and I are still fucking. I guess the best way we can describe each other is as fuck buds. I am ok with that.

I can never sleep next to someone when I'm sober. It's weird for me. On the road I was fine because it wasn't anything sexual with the guys. When I have someone stay in my bed I usually can only sleep about an hour or so and then WHAM I wake up, realize that someone is next too me and then I can possibly fall back asleep.

I usually have a boner when that happens.

Our sex life consists mostly of late night texting, sexting and meeting at my apartment to fuck at some point after midnight. It's loose. It's fun. It's exactly what I need right now.

Summer is here and I have a little more free time than usual. Now that I do have the time maybe I'll start thinking about treating this thing what ever it is right now more like a relationship.

Sure, I'd love to have a boyfriend but honestly I don't think I'm ready and love that I don't have to define what we have right now.

Not too long ago, I met up with Reid at a party he was at. Since we became friends through friends who now all hang out together at bars it's not uncommon for us to hang out at a party. I say that, because, what we have is pretty awesome. He's a guy that I connect with on so many levels. Sexually and personally. We have an attraction that is oddly kept at bay. When we do have a moment alone it's tender yet animalistic.

This party was at full swing. A friend of friends was having a kegger to celebrate graduating from law school and having one last hurrah before heading off to the wonderful world of corporate law.  It was honestly like college again. We had dinner at a college bar, pregammed, and headed over.

We were waiting in line for the bathroom and when it opened up we were the only two in line. I waited till it was all clear and joined him in the bathroom. Locked the door and started grabbing each other. He pulled my tshirt up and started biting my nipples... then licking them softly. We made out for another few seconds and realized we couldn't spend that much time together.

I pissed all the while he was rubbing my back and saying what he wanted to do to me that night.

We went back to the party like nothing happened.

I got drunk and knew he would be over later. I asked Reid to send me a text when he got close by. As soon as I got it I stripped down and waited to hear him walk up to the door. I opened the door and thre him against the hallway wall and kissed him. He threw me back into the apartment and slammed the door.

What followed was a night I will never forget. I haven't been with a guy in a very long time where I felt very comfortable to have sex with. Now by have sex with I mean have him fuck me.

Up until now I had been the top. That night, wether it was liquid courage to bottom for him or it was my pure lust and complete trust and comfortable level with him I really don't know. I think I am trying to figure that out right now.

What I do know is that I am living in the moment and I have been incredibly happy.

Guys have been asking what he looks like and the best way I can describe him is this... He looks a lot like Max from FratPad.

I'll leave you with some hot pics for now. Some more stories coming soon.


BigWoody said...

Hey G.! Who do you think is the hottest ballplayer - past or present? My favorite is Brady Anderson... pictures of him shirtless makes my mouth
water. How 'bout you? Thanks for sharing the hot pics, and good to see that you're posting again.
From a faithful fan.

David said...

Nice pic of the guy with the Jays cap... is that a hint? Haha. Cheers bud, always enjoy your site.

David said...

Btw, if you have an ass like the first pic in this post... then please sit on my face. Haha!

SpiritMountainGuy said...

I was getting hard just reading your post. I wish you both all the best! We all deserve to be happy! And it looks like you've found it. - V

InstantMALE said...

I like the boy in the last pic, I want it!

BlkJack said...

Glad to see you post a goodlooking man of color (#5). Question for you...Do you have any people of color in your life? Have you ever dated so had sex with one, either male or female? It's always great to see and hear about men of color in the blog world. Thanks for a great blog!