Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I love it when readers send me pictures.

"Apparently you like guys who look like this... A real one to, of some douche bags that I know..hah. :) From a female fan."

Niiiiiiiice... I have the ladies all over my blog. It's interesting... I have had a few ladies in the last month or so contact me about the blog and what it's like having dated women as a cover... also being a baseball player and trying to get set up... I swear to god that happened.

I have also had some great e-mails from readers about my relationship with Ryan which is going great. He has been very supportive of me and I think that he may be the guy I want to be with for the long haul. He is smart, funny, athletic and everything you could ever want in a partner. Although I can't reveal what sports teams he likes, we are ok on certain fronts.

Without giving too much away I wanted to let you know how my season is progressing... I have had some great games. I am hitting the ball very well and have improved my base running. That's always important for me at least and one of the areas I needed to improve on post rehab.

I don't wanna reveal any more than I have... :-)

Anyway... keep the emails and pictures coming. Here are some more camera phone pictures that have been sent to my e-mail. I will take webcam shots too!


Anonymous Blogger said...

good luck with your season, and I'm glad to hear that you and ryan are doing good.

secret blogger said...

Im glad you have found a potential "forever". Make sure you dont lose him and he doesnt lose you. Careers can get in the way sometimes. Love the pictures too dude.

Anonymous said...

Hot pics Slugger, any chance one of them is you? Good luck with Ryan, I hope things work out for you two crazy kids!

Gomez Patchouly said...

Galpals are some of the best friends a gay man can have. They are supportive and generally a lot of fun to go out with. Too bad they have a vagina. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think you should consider the possibility that it wasn't really women emailing you!

Anonymous said...