Tuesday, February 13, 2007

South Bend Silverhawks

Nightshift visits the South Bend Silverhawks. My buddy sent this to me and I wanted to post it so you can see behind the scenes of a minor league baseball club and what kind of atmosphere I live in.



fastdump said...

woof!... u lucky dawg! ;)

MusiqueMystique said...

great video..the sunflower seeds, the mascot.....and i gotta say...that pitcher at the end who called about throwin out the first pitch......definite hottie


sexy said...


David said...

No idea if you ever check this anymore, but thought I'd leave a comment about this. I found your blog somehow about a week ago and I've slowly made my way from the first entry to here so far. Love the stories so far and can't wait to see what else is coming up. This video was hilarious and some of those guys were HOT