Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Friend's Blog

What a boring day so far. I got up early, went to the gym with a roommate of mine, got back and I get an IM. It's from a friend back East in New York telling me he started a blog. I have been telling him to start a blog because his life is rediculous. The shit that happens to him is incredible. Anyway, I wanted share his blog with you guys. He is calling it Overnight in New York (Overnightny.blogspot dot com)

JP Mac is a GOOD friend of mine that I have known over the years. You should all go and say hello to his new blog, which he says will update more often than mine. With the hours he works, he needs a place to rant and ramble. Anyway, check him out, say hello and share the blogging Love!

And now, some hotties to get you through the day, I know they are helping me before I go chill on my porch.


firstimpre55ion said...

Glad to see your back to updating regularly. And also glad to hear you're enjoying So Cal life! And I have to compliment the guy in your first two pictures...definitely my kind of guy! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Merle Dean Shamblin and I would like to be your new friend. I sure could use somebody to chat with. I am a 47 year old long haul truck driver who currently lives in Duncan Oklahoma. Dec 8th 1960 I was born in Fairview Oklahoma. Moved to Caddo and Washita counties where I attended school at Colony Hydro and Weatherford. My parents Malvin and Wanda Shamblin were cotton and peanut farmers. Dad died in 99 from lung cancer. Graduated from SWOSU with a business degree. My two sisters are LaDonna Hubert and Malva Burrahm. Dennis is my brother. I have been a truck driver for 14 years and have driven 2 million paid miles. I have received many safe driving awards over the years. I am single and have never been married. I have a wide range of interests and am pretty much an open book. Currently I drive a 2006 Freightliner for a major carrier. I dont go to Canada very often. I dont have a dedicated route so I run the entire lower 48. I enjoy reading cinema music sports travel etc. I am gay and versatile.