Monday, October 30, 2006


So, the season is over. St. louis has the World Series title and my Yankees are in dispair! It's ok though because the NY Giants are kicking ass this season.

I have been trying to keep up with e-mail and got this one...

Hey man, Just wanted to shoot you an email and encourage you topost. Love your blog and look forward to the updates.But it's been a while. Some of us patheticcloset-cases live vicariously through you :).Seriously though, hope you're doing well and livin' itup in Cali. Totally relate to your blog -- closetedex-college athlete here. Just a little email toencourage you to get your ass in gear :).

So, apparently I am in demand to start posting again to the website. I just got home not too long ago and don't have much to do the next few days. I am still living out in Cali and loving it. Been taking roadtrips to Las Vegas, Pheonix, Tempe, San Diego and San Fran... all with the roomies. The west coast is very laid back, and I am a little nervous the next few months. I may get signed by a team in the "SOUTH" and by SOUTH I mean below the Mason Dixon, deep in the heart of the old Confederacy. Now, i know if I am near a big city it will be good, but my experience so far with guys from the south, they just don't like anyone who is not a white Southerner, I know there are guys out there that are NOT like this, but it is what I have found with my experiences.

anyway, I am going to post some postings I have been working on the past few weeks about my roomates and team, because I know all of you guys have been waiting for this!


David said...

I'm so glad you're back!

firstimpre55ion said...

Exactly what David said! Glad to have you back posting! Your posts are definitely intriguing and always very interesting! Keep at it! :D

Max said...

Also just wanted to say that it's good to see you back - I really enjoy your postings (but also realize you must be busy as hell though too) so thanks for the new posts!!!