Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Appologies to the South

Sooo, a bunch of guys from the "South" e-mailed me about my last posting about the "south".

Hey man--come on and enjoy the south if you get assigned or traded here. I don't think the environment would be any different than on any other team, regardless of the town/area/city/state, etc. I do know one guy from my college who was closeted and played a number of years in A and AA. His career ended with a nagging injury and the inability to hit when his injury was such a bother to him. He mainly played in small cities, and managed ok...in fact, he said living/playing in the midwest was more difficult than in the south.

Thats very true. I know that wherever I get sent it will be good just to be able to play. It's all I really want to do is play. I'm just happy that I am able to vent and have a way to reach out to other guys in a world where I keep myself in the closet. In just got done reading Going The Other Way by Billy Bean. Man, he is lucky. He has a great life now and I was able to see a lot of myself in that story. If any of you guys reading are also Baseball players or college athletes, I suggest giving it a read.

I know that there are college and pro athletes reading this. No one has e-mailed me or IMed me that I know of, but I feel like it's inevitable that someone who is reading this is. I hope one day sexuality won't matter, but it's a long way away. In some way, gay jocks have our own hidden fraternity. Our house is an online chatroom and e-mail exchange. Our brotherhood meetings are when I am able to reconnect with a bunch of you guys on my blog. So, i guess I am the president.
What most straight guys don't realize is that a gay guy is not always someone who is into fasion and into Madonna. We are #1 in our fantasy football leagues, we are slugging home runs out of the park, we are skating faster on the ice, swimming faster in pools... we aren't always the norm.
I hope my roommates, former teammates and friends would accept me as a guy who I am. The same guy that has been their friend all these years and just so happens to not want to marry a woman and wants to have a relationship witha guy.
I really do appreciate all the support and e-mails I get from you guys. I like the interaction I am able to have, when I am not busy as all hell. Anyone that wants to email, shoot me one at Clubhousecloset@gmail.com
Enjoy all the hotties I posted down below. I have some more I want to post later on. Keep sending these guys in. Of course I don't post names or who I got them from so you don't have to worry.

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dan said...

sweet, good to see you posting again. any fun lately man? how do you go without, it kills me trying to connect with other dudes while in the closet, so few in the smaller cities I guess. anyway, keep up the posts. later.