Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Do you work out?"

SO I was a bit busy today. Don't ask me why I was so busy, but I was. It was a bunch of stupid shit that I had to get done, and I neglected to go to the gym. So I went late. It kinda of paid off.

Today was a day where I didn't have a trainer to work with, so I was on my own doing stuff. I'm working out doing chest and there are these two pretty hot guys lifting together right across from me. Both are wearing tank tops. One was shorter than the other. The shorter one was really cute. Had blondish-light brownish hair that just drove me nuts. He had nice toned arms with larger biceps that really stood out from his body. The taller one was your run of the mill brown hair, brown eyes average 6 foot tall guy. I mean he was tanned, had a toned body but nothing about him stuck out. I couldn't decide if he was cute or not.

Anyway, I go over to the abs section and the short one is working out. The tank he is wearing is like a Knicks practice jersey kind of thing. Like he bought it at Walmart for 50%off. He is doing abs too so I strike up a convo about the jersey and how much the Knicks sucked this year.

We hit it off and keep talking. Maybe 10 minutes go by. His buddy comes over and they say goodbye and leave. Just my luck. Thought i could have got a number.

So I go and jump on a bike for a half hour, watch some SportsCenter and head to the locker room.

There is this cute latino guy changing out of slacks and a dress shirt, late twenties, right next to my locker. I say excuse me and o[en my locker. We start exchanging small talk.

"How long have you been working out here?" he asks me

So, we chit chat. As layers of clothes start being taken off. I am now fully naked and wrap a towel aroubd my waist and head to the showers. I hear him follow me into the shower room which has 4 stalls on either side of the wall and curtains on each.

Now before I go any further I want to point out that I was NOT looking for sex or anything like it. I just wanted to shower and leave.

So... I am showering, and the guy is in the stall across from me. Now the curtains are kinda see through. You can make out a body in the ligh, but the stalls are dark so You cant really see in.

He keeps opening up his curtain and looking over into mine. Now, I am done showering and am toweling off. He opens his curtain and gives me a nod. He has a full erection and is starring at me, jerking off in his shower stall.

I am kind of suprised because it is so public. So I kind of look at him, and I am thinking "Does this happen often?" I have always thought of showers as a place to shower, shoot shit with guys, check out some cock so for when I go home i can jerk off and go to bed.

I finish drying off while he is jerking off and I head back to my locker. He follows me out. Now I kind of have a semi and am trying to hide it because god forbid a worker walks in and sees blow jobs going on.

So I start to get changed. He walks to his locker, looks around, drops down and starts sucking my dick. Now at first I am suprised, then I am in bliss because it's a blow job and then I realize, what if someone rounds the corner? So I pull out and tell the guy sorry, not here.

He looks at me, writes his number down and gives it to me.

I threw the number away as I walked out. Felt really sketchy about it and wanted to share it with you guys.


bobby's body said...

Hey Mate,

Funny to read your comments about the guy tossing one off in the shower in the gym. I reckon it happens in every gym in every country around the world.

When I first started at my gym I thought it was very "straight" and nothing like that would happen but the more I'm going, the more I notice it.

I guess the rule is; if you spot a well dressed and groomed bloke at the gym - any gym - there's a good chance he's gay. And if you play it right there's an even better chance you'll see him wanking in the shower.

Of course I have never done it. But that's another story.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Hot story! I have had a few experiences like that at the gym. But livinging in Cincinnati, most of the guys are usually never as hot as I want them to be.

buff said...

It does happen more often than you think, especially with this hot weather. I've had it happen twice, and it was fun. SO don't over analyze it and enjoy.

Big hairy muscle hugs. Thanks for sharing.

dan said...

sweet post! about 3 years ago I noticed guys gettin gsemis in the shower, but I'd quit looking because I got this problem that if someone is checking out my cock, it grows immediately, but I'v shown off a little bit more the few times some realy hot str8 boy looking stud starts jerking for me, but even then I'm just wanting to get home to jerk about it later, liek the glances I take of guys now and then, ya know. anyway, I have had a few numbers written down for me, and they end up the same place trash or curb.
enjoy your weekend, later.

Libertygay said...

Too bad the chances of anything like that ever happening to me at LU's gym is 0%...only God knows what would happen if anyone got caught in a situation like that.

But yeah, I'd definitely throw the number in the trash...that guy is a manwhore.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you did. You can do better :)

paul said...

That's happened to me a couple of times. One guy actually had the audacity to pull back the curtain of my stall so I could see his woody. All I could say was 'Jeezus, get a life, pal!'

The gym floor is a great place to meet guys, though. I've had a lot of hot dates that started off with spotting. You can really get to know a lot about a guy by working out with him for a bit :)

Anonymous said...

wow tough crowd, i would just shut my curtain if i am not interested.

Lousy Bottom said...

I miss all the action! Haven't ever seen anything at my gym, but a friend practically gets a trick every time in the shower or the steam room! I'd settle for just watching if I could ever run into the situation! LOL

Anonymous said...

wow tough crowd, i would just shut my curtain if i am not interested.

Well some guys don't get the message that easy and are very forward, so its not always that easy!