Monday, July 31, 2006

E-mail from Jason

Sooo, Jason sent me an e-mail right after I posted the post. He basicly went on to say that he would never say anything to anyone and wants to see me again. It sounds like he might be getting attatched to me. But on the other side it could be cool to have a fuck buddy and not have to worry about going online when I am drunk and horny in order to get off.

He is a cool guy but I don't know if i could hang out with him solo at a bar. Would be a little to obvious in my opinion. I don't know... It was fun but who knows what will happen.

EDIT: I know those pictures are of Pete Wentz. I used those pictures because he looked like and reminded me of Pete Wentz!


Eric said...

That *IS* Fall Out Boy Bassist Pete Wentz Nude Photos!
Check them out at

philster said...

duuude. Go for it. Seriously, you need someone like this in your life, even just to fuck around. Cheers dude.


Tim said...

Living your life looking over your shoulder praying no one notices that you arwe a cocksucker is so cool!