Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Bob Blog

So I wake up and it's raining outside. AGAIN! So I start reading e-mail, see that my new MacBook is on it's way and should be here any day now and check in over at The Bob Blog.

It's all about Bob over there and his life in his new townhouse and being an awesome designer. I am getting ready to redecorate my room that I have because I am bored with it. I may ask him to help me out.

He should help me because he is obsessed with Macs and with A&F.

The "lines" he has going on are rediculous!

Get at me Bobby Boy

2 comments: said...

I'll get at ya don't worry ;)

Steve said...

That Bob blog is damn nice - I hope I learn such skills in some of my later classes.. props to you bob!!