Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Latin Teammates

I've been wanting to do a post about my Latin teammates and how they act but just haven't got around to it. I usualy start, get distracted by AIM, go for a jog, eat, sleep, watch SportsCenter and repeat.

But today, I am getting around to it!

Latin guys are VERY touchy feely. It is in their culture to be very touchy and sensual. Even in the locker room they can get touchy. For example:

I played in a league over the summer in between my frosh and sophmore year of college that had guys from different schools on travel teams. We got put up in dorms, played baseball, partied and my parents were able to give me some spending money which I spent all on booze.

There were these two guys from Miami nammed Juan and Miguel. They were both 19 and honestly just loved being naked. They were the guys that would talk the talk and walk the walk.
It seemed like everytime we went out they would pick up girls and have sex with them. They were tall, dark, handsome guys. Imagine younger A-Rod and Derek Jeter on your team going out and just having sex constantly. After a LONG game in July we were in the locker room getting ready to shower when our manager came in and told us we would be staying intown at some motel. We had to take our time because they needed to find room and get us there.

So, this just meant a bunch of guys trying to kill time. So we dragged our folding chairs into the big shower room and made it into a steam room.

Note: Before you all go off and start your fantasy nothing VERY sexual happened but it was interesting

We all showered and are now sitting around shooting shit, relaxing and waiting. Juan starts bragging about the girl he and Miguel double teamed a few nights before. Juan was the more vocal one and would tell a story that would have all of us in stitches. Miguel was funny but more reserved. He also had a THICK peice between his legs. So Juan keeps the story going about getting her home from the bar and Miguel being so drunk he just whipped it out and said, "suck it"

This guy from Ohio, Ryan, asked..."Miguel how big is that thing anyway. "

Juan came out with 10 inches.

Ryan called bullshit and ended up getting the entire team to pool $300 for him to prove that it was 10 inches.

Needless to say, without shame, Miguel took the money and a measure tape that we found in a trainers kit and worked it up to just about 10 inches. The entire team was speechless.

This is not the only time I have seen a latin player hard in the clubhouse.

Juan had a reporter from Miami come up and interview him for the school paper. He was an aspiring journalist and got sent around to interview guys playing over the summer. After 2 days of locker room interviews Juan was convinced that the reporter, who was like 21, was gay and into him. So, Juan, with no shame would do the interview after he showered. He would talk about what he would do at his locker while in the shower.

Juan would bend over, towel off, grope himself, and try to distract the poor kid. Everytime the kid would get massive wood and the room would start laughing. After a week, the kid returned to Florida. But Juan had no shame.

I am trying to think of more and I am sure I will . I am back in town and not doing much this week. I will try to update as much as possible.

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