Monday, June 12, 2006

About Me

So, with this new layout that I found online (I know it was down and it looked akward for like a week, I'm sorry, not my fault!) you can't see my "About Me" section that Blogspot has. To tell the truth, it wasn't all that special! If you read my posts, you can get a taste of me. But, since MANY of you have been asking here is a little "About Me" section for you to all salivate over.

Slugger has been a nickname of mine forever. It was more a high school/college nickname than one I had/have in the minors. I use had/have because I am currently not playing. I don't want to get into specifics but I am sure some of you can put it together. I see a personal trainer 3x a week and hope to be back playing by September.

In high school I played Football and Baseball. I went on to play D1 baseball at a school in the east. I was also a member of a large national fraternity that pretty much everyone on the baseball team was a member of.

I am a little over 6' tall, have dark brownish hair and blue eyes. Now I am sure there are some cyber stalkers out there that will try to track me down, I am flattered. But mostly I wanted to use this blog to meet other athletes that are out there, vent my frustrations and show off some eye candy that i find. Most of you that IM me know that I am addicted to pictures so thats cool. I have met some cool guys out there so far and keep the pics and stories comming. Don't be affraid to say hello if you see me online. I am doing online coursework for an MBA. When I am not studying, doing online classes, working out or hanging out with buddies of mine, I am usualy shooting shit online laying around my house. I do NOT want to just "cam" or have phone sex. I have been asked that a few times and its a turn off. I like talking to people and hearing their stories and helping other guys (including myself) deal and become more comfortable with who I am.

As always or Slugger0082 on AIM


downunderpants said...

Good to see that you're back! Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

I"m glad you're back. I love your site. You should update it more frequently.

Apteryx said...

Nice blog mate. I just love the locker room stuff. But you haven't lived until you've done a rugby player! Or three or four... dozen.